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Travel plans

A travel plan is a long-term strategy produced by employers to encourage staff to use alternatives to single-occupancy car trips, through a series of measures.

A travel plan doesn't have to be restricted to commuter journeys. It can also include:

  • measures to reduce the cost of your business journeys
  • making your site more easily accessible to visitors and deliveries
  • creating a policy for more efficient management of company fleet vehicles.

Developing a travel plan in support of a planning application

You can download guidance  on the requirements for travel plans submitted in support of planning applications [PDF] within Nottinghamshire.

Producing a travel plan

Organisations with less than 20 staff

If your organisation is prepared to survey staff travel patterns and identify the potential use for cycle and walking equipment, your company may be able to get a grant for up to £2,000 from TransACTlite, a programme designed to support small companies to purchase cycle and walking equipment.

Contact us for more detailed information about TransACTlite.

Organisations with less than 250 staff

If your organisation meets the following criteria, you are eligible to apply for the TransACt programme, which offers organisations grants of up to £20,000 towards consultancy and capital costs for measures that reduce single occupant car journeys to work:

  • do you employ between 20-250 employees (full-time equivalent)?
  • is your business based in Nottinghamshire?
  • is your sales turnover less than £25 million per annum?
  • is no more than 25 percent of your capital or voting rights owned by another company?

TransACT has been specially designed to help small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) create and implement their own travel plans.

Contact us for more detailed information about TransACT.

Organisations with more than 250 staff

Funding and advice is available to assist larger organisations to set up travel plans.

Funding may be available for consultancy costs to develop a travel plan, and capital costs for measures that reduce single occupancy car journeys to work.

Contact us

For more information about travel plans, contact us:

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