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Nottinghamshire County Council - Proud of our past, ambitious for our future

Securing good quality, affordable services

Our priority is to ensure that the county council provides good quality, affordable services for the people of Nottinghamshire. This means that we will involve citizens in all aspects of the services through consulting, listening and acting on what they tell us.  We will evaluate ourselves against the best and make improvements to reflect this. We will work collaboratively with our partners to ensure key services are delivered well.

Disinvestment decisions will need to be taken in order to reinvest in services that are of greater priority and may require additional resources.

At the end of the 4 year plan we will have:

  • Services organised around the customer

  • Improved the quality of all school buildings

  • Quality assured and benchmarked our services against the best and learnt from them to improve our own services

  • Undertaken value for money service reviews

  • Redirected our resources into our priority areas by releasing funding from other services

  • Delivered the early intervention action plan and implemented targeted youth support arrangements

  • Invested in new developments which meet emerging customer, community and economic needs

  • Clear business cases for service development and investment

  • Reviewed existing partnerships and ensured there are effective both within and beyond the county boundaries

How will we know we have achieved this?

  • More people are satisfied with the area in which they live

  • The council is independently assessed as performing well

  • More of our key indicators are performing on or above the national average

  • Most customers and users of our key services are satisfied

  • Improvement in partnership working is externally recognised

  • Increased investment in new developments

  • Delivering the same level of adult day care services for less

Key Actions to be taken to deliver this priority:

  • A programme to create efficiencies in Adult Day Care Services

  • Deliver the new customer strategy, which includes:

     - Undertaking work to better understand our customers so we can design our services around them more effectively
     - Redesigning our customers enquiry handling in our Customer Service Centre
  • Devise and implement a new strategy to improve the way we communicate internally and externally

  • Use comparisons with other councils performance to identify and implement improvement opportunities

  • Take actions to achieve significant reduction in the costs of delivering our services

  • Deliver major building and maintenance projects, including:

     - Bassetlaw Specialist Day Centre
     - Refurbishment to all primary, secondary and special schools
     - West Bridgford Library refurbishment
     - Mansfield Library refurbishment
  • Develop quality assurance processes for key capital investment business cases (schemes >£1m)

  • Reconfigure how the council works with its key external partner organisations

  • Implement a programme that shifts Children, Family and Cultural Services from being mainly a provider to mainly a commissioner of services

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