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Nottinghamshire County Council - Proud of our past, ambitious for our future

Promoting the economic prosperity of Nottinghamshire and safeguarding our environment

Successful local businesses and a prosperous economy are key to our future. Our priority is to do all we can to help our local business community to thrive and to promote Nottinghamshire as a place to invest, do business and to visit and stay.  While promoting the economic prosperity of the county we will defend our precious countryside, protect our environment and promote our cultural heritage.

At the end of the 4 year plan we will have:

  • Promoted Nottinghamshire as a place to do business and invest

  • Developed our infrastructure (roads, public transport, employment sites) to enable long-term growth, improve employment opportunities and contribute to reducing the impact of poverty on children and families

  • Sought out opportunities to contribute to enhancing Nottinghamshire as a tourism destination and increased the number of visitors to the county

  • Regenerated our market towns and rural areas

  • Ensured our environment is well managed and our countryside is protected

  • Created enhanced opportunities for citizens and visitors to take part in cultural activities

How will we know we have achieved this?

  • Improved public satisfaction with the area they live in

  • Marked improvements at Nottinghamshire’s’ Innovation Centres

  • Reduced child poverty

  • More people visiting Nottinghamshire

  • Physically improved our market towns and rural areas

  • Reduced level of congestion on our roads

  • Improvedthe condition of our roads

  • Our public transport being used by more people

  • Increased the amount of household waste we reuse, recycle and compost with less going to landfill

  • We have reduced the amount of  CO2 produced by the council’s properties and operations

  • Delivered improved cultural services

Key Actions to be taken to deliver this priority:

  • Work with partners to promote economic growth and encourage businesses to invest in Nottinghamshire

  • Ensure companies from across the County benefit from the Alliance Boots Enterprise Zone

  • Improvements in how we use and promote the County’s network of Innovation Centres

  • Implement a county wide strategy to reduce child poverty

  • Transport developments including:
     - A453 Dual link road network
     - Improvements to HucknallTown Centre
     - Redevelopment of Mansfield Bus Station

  • Monitor, maintain and seek to improve the condition of the County roads network

  • A series of campaigns which aim to change the visitor profile to the County and increase average spend

  • Launch a new website to promote tourism in the County

  • Physically improve the local natural and historicenvironment through the delivery of the local improvement schemes programme

  • Develop a project to deliver high speed broadband to rural communities and businesses

  • Reduce reliance on landfill for waste disposal

  • Effective use of intelligence-led enforcement action to tackle rogue traders

  • Prepare and implement a new strategy to deliver changes to our cultural services

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