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Nottinghamshire County Council - Proud of our past, ambitious for our future

Fostering aspiration, independence and personal responsibility

Our priority is to raise the aspirations of local people by enabling them to achieve more both as individuals and as neighbours.  We will encourage local people to take responsibility for how they live and the area in which they live.  We are committed to enabling people to live as independently as possible throughout their lives.

At the end of the 4 year plan we will have:

  • Given more people greater choice and control over how they get the support they require to stay healthy and live independently for as long as possible

  • Delivered our new responsibilities for public health

  • Improved the life chances and achievements of children and young people

  • Improved the co-ordination, integration and accessibility of our services with other agencies

  • Worked with other agencies to ensure information, advice and access to services is as easy as possible

  • Worked with the voluntary sector to improve preventative and core services and strengthen local communities

  • Enabled local people to make more decisions about their lives and where they live

  • Embraced ‘localism’ and ‘big society’ agendas by increased community involvement in the way services are shaped and delivered

  • Delivered services in ways which promote independence and empower people to make positive choices and decisions about their lives

How will we know we have achieved this?

  • More people are managing their own care through personal budgets

  • More people are accessing adult care reablement services to avoid hospital admission and facilitate discharge

  • Fewer people will be in residential care

  • The number of places for Outreach Extra Care will have increased

  • Educational attainment levels will have improved

  • We will have fewer exclusions from schools

  • More people will be volunteering

Key Actions to be taken to deliver this priority:

  • Delivery of the Putting People First Programme

  • Through a review of provision and need increase the number of people with a learning disability in paid employment and the number of people with a learning disability in settled accommodation

  • Implement work to ensure that everyone who is eligible has a personal budget by 2013

  • Improvements to the adult reablement services that will avert the need for hospital admissions

  • Reduce the number of people in residential care

  • Increase the numbers of Outreach Extra Care places

  • Develop and implement a council wide strategy overseen by members to deliver changes in the way we provide grants to voluntary organisations

  • Establish a central database for recording funding provided to the voluntary and community sector

  • Establish fora for joint working with the voluntary sector and funders

  • Improve out of school provision for children and young people

  • Deliver an improvement programme in behaviour & attendance support for vulnerable pupils

  • Promote public transport

  • Develop and implement a localism policy and action plan

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