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Making Nottinghamshire a safer place to live

It is important that people feel that the county is a safe place to live. Managing safety and having a co-ordinated approach to keeping people and places safe is vital. A greater sense of security helps to create confidence that feeds well-being and growth so it is one of the priorities for improvement that we must address. Our attention must be on the safety of those groups and communities that are more vulnerable and on reducing crime and disorder.

At the end of the 4 year plan we will have:

  • Improved our safeguarding arrangements and outcomes in protecting vulnerable children and adults in their communities

  • Delivered prevention in circumstances where lives and communities are put at risk

  • An integrated approach to improving community safety working with other organisations and holding each other accountable for improvements

  • Ensured communities can be proud of their local area so that residents themselves want to keep areas clean, tidy and safe

  • Ensured there is public confidence in the county as a safe place to live in

How will we know we have achieved this?

  • Safeguarding in children services is graded at least adequate by external inspectors

  • Reduced the re-referral rate for adults subject to safeguarding assessments

  • Significant improvement in overall crime figures especially in priority areas

  • Improved perception of how safe people feel in their area

  • Fewer deaths and serious injuries due to road collisions on county roads

Key Actions to be taken to deliver this priority:

  • Implementation of the children’s safeguarding improvement programme 

  • Improve the delivery arrangements for Children’s Social Care

  • Strengthen early intervention work to improve responses to crime, anti-social behaviour (ASB) and domestic violence through projects such as the I Pledge Project and Domestic Violence awareness training

  • Implement actions jointly with our partners to reduce crime and ASB

  • Work with partners to improve the support to victims and witnesses of ASB, hate crime and domestic violence in the priority areas

  • Support Victim Support, Young Witness Service, Stop Hate UK and the Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences

  • Through our road casualties reduction plan, work to further reduce the number of road deaths and serious injuries on Nottinghamshire roads

  • Work to reduce the rate of re-referrals for adults subject to safeguarding assessments

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