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Notts is East Midlands number one for social care personal budgets

05 November 2012

Nottinghamshire has the most people who receive social care support on a personal budget in the East Midlands, allowing them to have more choice, flexibility and control over the services and care they receive.

The County Council ranks in first position as 65.6 percent of its social care service users and carers receive a personal budget compared to the regional average of 45.9 percent and the national average of 43 percent.

Nationally the Council is in joint eleventh position out of 154 local authorities  across the UK.

The Government aims for all council-funded users of ongoing support on personal budgets, preferably by direct payments, by next April.

The Council has worked with service users and carers to develop personal budgets. It has so far moved all of its adults receiving community-based social care services on to personal budgets and is on track to transfer all care home residents onto a personal budget by March 2013 to reach the Government’s overall target.

A personal budget enables people eligible for social care to know how much money they can have for their support and gives them greater choice in how it is spent.


It can be in the form of direct payments, which allows people to arrange and pay for their own care support services, along with a managed personal budget for people who would like their local authority to arrange and manage the services on their behalf.


Social care users can also opt to have an individual service fund where their budget is managed by a provider on their behalf.


Councillor Kevin Rostance, Chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Adult Social Care and Health Committee, said: “It is important that people who use social care services in the county have greater control and choice on how they are supported.


“It is fantastic news that Nottinghamshire is leading the way with personal budgets in the East Midlands and ranks high nationally. We are continuing to build on this success by ensuring all care home residents are on a personal budget by the end of March.”


Pre-payment cards have been introduced, making the direct payment process easier and quicker as there is no longer a need for a separate bank account to be opened.


For more information on personal budgets contact the Council on 0300 500 80 80.


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