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Beat food price rises by being waste-wise says Council

17 October 2012

WITH food prices predicted to rise this autumn following the summer’s cold wet weather and droughts in the US and Russia, householders in Nottinghamshire are being urged to make their food go further – by following delicious online recipes using leftovers.

For some years now the County Council has been encouraging people to cut back on food waste through its Love Food Hate Waste campaign.

And it is suggesting people visit the Love Food Hate Waste pages on its website for some tasty recipe ideas which use up left-over food.

The average family with children throws away £680 of food a year.

Yet a survey earlier this year showed that the average family underestimated the amount of food it discards each year, with most guessing at around £270.

Vegetables topped the list of the most commonly wasted food group, followed by bread and fruit.

"Wasting food costs the average family £480 a year and this increases to £680 a year for families with children – or around £50 a month,” said Coun Richard Butler, chairman of the County Council’s environment and sustainability committee.

“With the bad weather this year affecting food crops and prices forecast to rise, that’s food – and money – that none of us can afford to waste.

"Not only that, but wasting food has a huge environmental impact – if we reduced the amount of food thrown away, it would save the equivalent of at least 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. That’s like taking one in every four cars off our roads.”

“I’d encourage anyone worried about what to do with leftover food to take a look at our recipe suggestions,”

Suggestions include sausage risotto, Spanish potato tortilla and lamb salad on potato cakes.

Find out more about Love Food Hate Waste by visiting:



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