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Reducing potholes in Notts

06 June 2012

After delays due to the wet weather we are about to start restoring more than 50 miles of road surfaces across the County. And in a first for Notts we'll be using a combination machine which enables the work to be completed much more quickly than previously.

We'll be surface dressing three times more roads than we did last year - a move that will significantly help prevent potholes forming.

Surface dressing is a low-cost treatment of spraying on a coating of bitumen to waterproof the road surface, followed by one or more layers of stone chippings to restore skid resistance.

Surface dressing has many advantages over other repair methods:

  • the waterproofing prevents water getting into the road foundation which tends to cause weakening and potholes
  • traffic can be allowed to run on the new surface almost immediately, avoiding lengthy closures and disruption
  • it is up to ten times cheaper than other methods of restoring road surfaces

The new equipment and technology means less loose chippings and a stronger, better surface.

Whilst we can't totally stop potholes - the British weather sees to that! - surface dressing allows us to reduce the number and make the problem more manageable.

Find out where we'll be surface dressing this year.

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