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£6.7m project to modernise day services

05 April 2012

The Council have begun work to refurbish three of our day centres in the first stage of a major countywide modernisation programme.

The overall aim of the project is to bring together people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health needs and older people who previously had separate day services into 14 buildings where all the facilities are shared.

Older people from 11 of the 12 day services, which were attached to our care homes, have already transferred into the shared buildings. There will be further transfers of smaller Council run day services into the shared buildings over the next 12 months. This will help towards a  saving of £4.9 million a year. Staff from the small day services that are transferring will be asked to move to the new location with the service users they already know.

£6.7 million

A total of £6.7 million will be spent on refurbishing the shared day service buildings to make them suitable and accessible for everyone, as well as improving the overall environment and facilities.

The building work will also create dif ferent group areas where a number of activity sessions can run at the same time. This will also mean that the buildings are suitable for the wider community to use out of hours, such as adult education or neighbourhood watch groups.

Councillor Kevin Rostance, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health, said: "By bringing different groups all under one roof, we can make better use of our staff and transport. The shared buildings will also mean that people have access to a wider range of activities and can mix with people they may not otherwise have met.

"We are also having to make other changes to day services to reduce our budget by £4.9 million but we will make sure that the most vulnerable people are still receiving our support."

The modernisation programme will also include a change to prices for Council-run day services which will mean that people are charged according to their level of need and not on their age or type of disability.

Other savings are being made by changing the way we buy day services from the private sector .

Find out more

Read more about the projects and the timeline of works for each district in our day services newsletter.

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