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County Council considers new Pay Policy Statement

19 March 2012

Details on how Nottinghamshire County Council’s Chief Executive and senior officers are paid and how this relates to the pay of other County Council staff is set to be made available online for the first time.

Information about the pay of the Council’s most senior officers is already available on its website. Building on this, the Council has produced a Pay Policy Statement for 2012-13 which is to be considered at the Council’s Full Council meeting on Thursday 29 March.

Councillor Kay Cutts, Leader of the County Council said: "Nottinghamshire residents have the right to know how their Council Tax money is being used and we are committed to making our budgets and decision-making as open and transparent as possible.

"In line with the Localism Act 2011 we want to demonstrate that the decisions made by the Council about the pay and expenses of our Chief Executive and senior officers have been made in a clear and responsible way.”

The statement pulls together a wide range of existing information in a clear and accessible format and includes details of all Chief Officers’ pay and how this relates to the pay of other staff, including the organisation’s lowest paid employees.

The document will be made available to the public on its website on Friday 30 March if it is approved by Full Council and will be updated on an annual basis.

It will also include pay details of the new post of Corporate Director for Policy, Planning and Corporate Services, which has been formed by merging the two posts of Assistant Chief Executive and the Improvement Programme Director.

The post will be responsible for managing the longer term transformation of the Council to meet the financial challenges over the next two years and in addition driving the Council forward to embed a cycle of continuous improvement that will secure plans to deliver the changes necessary to meet the £100m forecast challenge from 2014.

The new role will be undertaken by Jayne Francis-Ward the current Assistant Chief Executive with immediate effect.

Over the past 18 months the Council has reduced the senior management team from 26 to 18 posts. This has saved the Council £850,000 per annum.

During the course of the current and previous year, in total, the Council will have reduced management posts by 220 delivering overall savings of approximately £11.9 m per annum.

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