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Reducing the stress of births and deaths

14 March 2012

Births and deaths can be a stressful time but we are reducing the stress of the legal registration process. From the end of March the public will be able to use any register office in Nottinghamshire rather than the one in the district they live in. There are over 15 registration offices in Nottinghamshire so there will always be one close to where it’s needed.

We’ll also be providing better access to all our registration services by phone with a single contact number and longer opening hours.

As well as registering births and deaths the registration service deals with a wide range of other services such as notices and ceremonies for marriages and civil partnerships, checking nationality and copies of birth/marriage/death certificates.

The changes build on the introduction of the Tell Us Once service in Nottinghamshire, which gives people registering births or deaths the opportunity to inform more than 20 services and organisations in one visit, covering everything from Blue Car Badges, Council Tax and Housing Benefit to Passport Services, DVLA, Child Benefit and state pensions. Previously each agency would have had to have been contacted separately.

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