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Sub-regional and county planning


Sub-regional planning

The East Midlands has been divided, for planning purposes, into five sub-regions. Two of these sub-regions cover Nottinghamshire, they are:

Three cities sub-region

This area covers Leicestershire and Rutland, and the areas surrounding Derby and Nottingham.

In South Nottinghamshire planning is co-ordinated across the:

  • Nottingham Core Housing Market Area (HMA) - Broxtowe, Gedling, Nottingham City and Rushcliffe plus Hucknall in Ashfield district, and Erewash Borough in Derbyshire.

Northern sub-region (of the East Midlands)

This area covers North Derbyshire and North Nottinghamshire.

It includes two housing market areas:

  • Nottingham Outer HMA – Ashfield, Mansfield and Newark and Sherwood

  • North Derbyshire and Bassetlaw HMA - Bassetlaw, Bolsover, Chesterfield, and North-East Derbyshire.

Planning studies for county and sub-regions

Sub-regional studies are important for spatial planning across the County and involve many different themes, such as employment or housing. They often involve several organisations working together. County Council strategic planners have led work on the studies described below.

Employment land studies

Nottingham Employment Land Study (2007) - A study to assess the amount and quality of employment land in Greater Nottingham (Roger Tym & Partners)

Study Update March 2009 [PDF 436KB] 

The study results have now been used to produce evidence for the Aligned Core Strategy being prepared by the Greater Nottingham Authorities:

Aligned Core Strategy [PDF 60KB] 

Northern Sub-Region Employment Land Study (2008) - A study to assess the demand for and supply of employment land in seven districts in North Nottinghamshire and North Derbyshire. (Arup)

Landscape Character Assessment

Nottinghamshire Landscape Character Assessment (2009) - An assessment of the characteristics that made a place unique. Three reports contain a survey of the whole County

Accessible Settlements Study

Greater Nottingham Accessible Settlements Study (2010) - This work is part of an evidence base to inform the Greater Nottingham authorities about suitable settlements in terms of access to services. Nottinghamshire County Council has undertaken this piece of work with assistance and contributions from all those authorities.

Main Report [PDF 1MB]

Study Tables [Excel 241KB]

Study Tables (selected) [PDF 99KB]

Study Charts [PDF 83KB]

Appraisal of Sustainable Urban Extensions

Appraisal of Sustainable Urban Extensions in greater Nottingham Final Report 27 June 2008 - a study carried out by Tribal Urban Studio to assess development locations on the edge of Nottingham.

Appraisal of Sustainable Urban Extensions in Greater Nottingham Final Report 27 June 2008 [PDF 4MB] 

Sustainable locations for growth study, February 2010 - A study commissioned to follow the Appraisal of Sustainable Urban Extensions Study; it covers settlements and general locations outside the built-up-area of Nottingham, assessing them for their suitability to accommodate new housing growth in terms of infrastructure capacity, transport accessibility etc. The study and its three appendices can be accessed from the Greater Nottingham Growth Point web site at: www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=9067

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