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Planning Obligations Strategy

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Planning obligations are sometimes known as planning contributions, developer contributions, Section 106 Agreements or planning gain.

Planning obligations address the issue of how facilities/services/assets adversely affected by a particular development can be protected, enhanced, maintained or, where appropriate, new provision made. For example, when a new development takes place, there may be a need to improve transport or education facilities.

Aims of the Strategy

The aim of the Planning Obligations Strategy is to provide a fair, consistent and transparent basis for the negotiation of planning obligations for those matters that affect the services and advice provided by the County Council.

The Strategy sets out the context for seeking planning obligations and includes a series of tables that indicate:

  • current guidance

  • types and facilities for which provision may be required

  • types of development which may trigger need

  • forms in which contributions may be sought

  • thresholds for the size of development for which contributions would be sought

  • contact details of relevant people.

Following a consultation process which was undertaken in October 2013, the latest strategy was formally adopted by the County Council in April 2014.

If you have any queries about the Planning Obligations Strategy, please contact the Planning Obligations Unit on tel: 0115 9774545.

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