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New Minerals Local Plan

Further information

For further information about the Minerals Local Plan please contact us.

The new Minerals Local Plan will set out our overall approach to future minerals provision in Nottinghamshire up to 2030. Key issues will include the amount of mineral we will need to produce to meet demand, the location of future sites and the social and environmental impacts of mineral working.

The plan will need to go through a series of informal and formal public consultation stages and finally an independent examination before it can be adopted by the County Council. A number of informal stages have already been completed and these are listed below:  

  • Issues and options consultation document - January 2012
  • Preferred Approach consultation document - October 2013. 

The latest consultation – ‘additional consultation on sand and gravel provision’ was undertaken between the 14 May and the 14 July 2014 and is now closed. We are currently in the process of analysing the information submitted. The webpage will be updated before we go forward to the next stage in the plan preparation.

You can view all the comments submitted online via our interactive Local Development Framework for the Minerals Local Plan.

Previous Preferred Approach consultation documents

Please follow the appropriate links below to access information on the previous consultations carried out on the Nottinghamshire Minerals Local Plan Preferred Approach.

Preferred Approach consultation – October 2013

Nottinghamshire Minerals Local Plan Preferred Approach [PDF] 

Additional Consultation – Sand and Gravel – May 2014

Minerals Local Plan Preferred Approach Additional Consultation document [PDF] 

Supporting documents

The minerals Local Plan is supported by a range of background papers and technical reports:

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