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Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Panel

Panel Meeting Details

As the County Council hosts the Panel, all details of the meetings are on the Council's democratic management system.

The County Council is the host authority for the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Panel.

The Police and Crime Panel scrutinises the actions and decisions of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) and makes sure information is available for the public, enabling them to hold the PCC to account.

Police and Crime Commissioners are elected by the public and their job is to listen to their needs, bringing more of a public voice to policing, getting across local concerns and providing a name and face to complain to if not satisfied with policing and crime in their area. The PCC will answer to the public on cutting crime in their police force area. They will also hold the Chief Constable to account for the performance of the police force. Download The Beat - the latest newsletter from the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

Support and challenge

The Panel will support and challenge the PCC in carrying out his or her functions. The Panel does not replace the former Police Authority and does  not have a role in scrutinising the performance of the force (that is the role of the PCC).

The Panels will focus its attention on important strategic actions and decisions made by the PCC, including whether they have:

  • achieved the aims set out in their police and crime plan and annual report
  • considered the priorities of community safety partners
  • consulted appropriately with the public and victims

Panel powers

The Panel has a range of powers to help it carry out its functions and specific responsibilities relating to the police and crime plan and annual report. These include:

  • making reports and recommendations on these two documents, of which the PCC must take account and respond
  • publishing all reports and recommendations that it makes
  • hold public meetings to discuss the annual report and to question the PCC.

Panels can also make reports or recommendations (including vetoing with a two-thirds majority) about the proposals by PCCs on:

  • the level of the precept (council tax charge for the police)
  • appointing a Chief Constable

Other specific powers held by the Panel include:

  • asking for a professional view from HM Inspectorate of Constabulary if the PCC is planning to dismiss the chief constable. In cases of dismissal the panel must hold a scrutiny hearing and make a recommendation to the PCC
  • appointing an acting PCC if the elected one cannot carry out their role (for health reasons, or following resignation or disqualification)
  • holding confirmation hearings for senior  staff (deputy PCC, chief executive, chief finance officer). The panel will not be able to refuse appointments but can make recommendations to the PCC
  • monitoring complaints against the PCC and dealing with non-criminal complaints
  • requiring the PCC (and their staff) to attend panel meetings to answer questions
  • asking the chief constable to attend any meetings
  • making reports and recommendations on any action or decision of the PCC. 

Members of the Panel

The Panel is made up of at least one elected representative (councillors or elected mayors) from each local authority (unitary, county and district) within the force area and two independent co-optees. The Panel also has four independent members.

The membership as of the Annual Meeting of 15 June 2015 is as follows:

  • Mayor Kate Allsop – Mansfield District Council
  • Mr Rizwan Araf – Independent Member
  • Councillor Jon Collins – Nottingham City Council 
  • Councillor David Ellis – Gedling Borough Council 
  • Mrs Christine Goldstraw OBE - Independent Member
  • Councillor Cheryl Butler - Ashfield District Council
  • Councillor Eunice Campbell - Nottingham City Council
  • Councillor David Challinor - Bassetlaw District Council
  • Councillor Glynn Gilfoyle – Nottinghamshire County Council 
  • Councillor John Handley – Nottinghamshire County Council
  • Mrs Suma Harding – Independent Member 
  • Councillor Neghat Khan – Nottingham City Council
  • Councillor Tony Harper – Broxtowe Borough Council 
  • Councillor Keith Longdon – Nottinghamshire County Council 
  • Councillor Debbie Mason – Rushcliffe Borough Council 
  • Councillor Tony Roberts - Newark and Sherwood District Council
  • Mr Bob Vaughan-Newton – Independent Member  
  • Councillor Linda Woodings - Nottingham City Council
Christine Goldstraw OBE and Councillor Debbie Mason were appointed as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Panel for 2015/16 at the Annual Meeting.

Meetings of the Panel

Meetings are held in public at County Hall. It is planned to hold future meetings at different venues across the City and the County. Members of the public are encouraged to attend these to observe the meetings. Meeting dates and agendas, minutes and reports are available.

Complaints against the Commissioner / Deputy Commissioner   

The Panel is responsible for dealing with complaints against the Police and Crime Commissioner and the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner. Criminal complaints will be referred by the Panel to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. The Panel will deal with other complaints following the agreed complaints procedure [PDF].

There are separate procedures for complaints regarding:-

  • the Commissioner’s office and staff
  • the Chief Constable, other police officers and operational policing.

Details of how to make these types of complaints are available from the Commissioner's website.

Submitting a Complaint against the Commissioner / Deputy Commissioner

When submitting a complaint you should provide as much information as possible, being specific about:-

  • what was allegedly said or done
  • the date it happened and
  • whether there were any witnesses.

Please use the online complaints form to submit your complaint.

If you wish to send a complaint in writing instead of using the online form, post it to:

The Monitoring Officer
Nottinghamshire County Council
County Hall
West Bridgford
NG2 7QP 

The information you provide will only be used for dealing with your complaint and not for unrelated purposes.

Wherever possible, complaints will be acknowledged within 5 working days and concluded within 40 working days if dealt with through informal resolution. 

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