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Parish and Town Councils

Many, but not all, parishes have their own council, sometimes, if small, linking with neighbouring parishes. Some bigger areas, such as Newark and Bingham, have a town council instead of a parish council. Some built-up areas, such as Beeston, Hucknall and Mansfield, have no parishes.

Parish and Town Councils have a wide range of functions and duties and form the third tier and most local unit of democratically elected local government.

Collectively, they are responsible for:

  • recreational facilities
  • parks and open spaces
  • cemeteries
  • public conveniences
  • car parks
  • village halls and community facilities

Elections for their councillors are normally held at the same time as district council elections. Information about parish councils and dates of parish meetings are available from district councils.

In Nottinghamshire there are:

  • 151 Parish Councils
  • 10 Town Councils
  • 38 Parish Meetings.

Together these cover about half the population of the county, including all of rural Nottinghamshire and some of its towns. They range in size from 20 residents to nearly 25,000. You can find information for each parish or town council below.

List of Parish and Town Councils

Please email any updates required to the Parish and Town Councils listed below to stella.trussler@nottscc.gov.uk

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