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Further information

Further details of the Terms of Reference of each committee are available in Part 4 - Part A on pages 4-3 to 4-20 of the Council's Constitution.


The Council's key committees, along with details of the chairs and vice chairs of each, are listed below. Further details of each committee, including when they meet and a full list of members, are available by clicking the committee names:

Policy Committee

  • Chair: Alan Rhodes
  • Vice Chair: Joyce Bosnjak

Adult Social Care and Health Committee

  • Chair: Muriel Weisz
  • Vice Chair: Yvonne Woodhead

Appeals Sub-Committee

  • Chair: Sheila Place
  • Vice Chair: Nicki Brooks

Audit Committee

  • Chair: Keith Walker 
  • Vice Chair: Sheila Place

Children and Young People Committee

  • Chair: John Peck JP
  • Vice Chair: Liz Plant

Community Safety Committee

  • Chair: Glynn Gilfoyle
  • Vice Chair: Alice Grice

Corporate Parenting Sub-Committee

  • Chair: Liz Plant

Culture Committee

  • Chair: John Knight
  • Vice Chair: Alan Bell

Economic Development Committee

  • Chair: Diana Meale
  • Vice Chair: Roy Allan

Environment and Sustainability Committee

  • Chair: Jim Creamer
  • Vice Chair: Pamela Skelding

Finance and Property Committee

  • Chair:  David Kirkham
  • Vice Chair: Darren Langton

Grant Aid Sub-Committee

  • Chair: Joyce Bosnjak
  • Vice Chair: Martin Suthers OBE

Health and Wellbeing Board 

  • Chair: Joyce Bosnjak
  • Vice Chair: Dr Steve Kell (non Councillor) 

Health Scrutiny Committee

  • Chair: Colleen Harwood
  • Vice Chair: John Allin

Joint Committee on Planning and Transport

  • Chair: Jim Creamer
  • Vice Chair: Nottingham City Councillor

Joint City/County Health Scrutiny Committee

  • Chair: Parry Tsimbiridis
  • Vice Chair: Ginny Klein (Nottingham City Councillor)

Nottinghamshire Pension Fund Committee

  • Chair: Stella Smedley MBE JP
  • Vice Chair: Ken Rigby

Pensions Investment Sub-Committee

  • Chair: Stella Smedley MBE JP
  • Vice Chair: Ken Rigby

Pensions Sub-Committee

  • Chair: Stella Smedley MBE JP
  • Vice Chair: Ken Rigby

Personnel Committee

  • Chair: Sheila Place
  • Vice Chair: Nicki Brooks

Planning and Licensing Committee

  • Chair: John Wilkinson
  • Vice Chair: Sue Saddington

Public Health Committee

  • Chair: Joyce Bosnjak
  • Vice Chair: Glynn Gilfoyle

Rights of Way Committee

  • Chair: Pam Skelding
  • Vice Chair: Rachel Madden

Transport and Highways Committee

  • Chair: Kevin Greaves
  • Vice Chair: Steve Calvert
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