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Budget consultation - Doing things differently

Your money, your say

We’re asking for your views on how we should do things differently to help us deliver the services that are important to you as we face a budget gap of £77m due to ongoing Government funding reductions. This is despite saving around £100m over the past three years.

Reduced funding isn’t the only challenge we’re facing.

The demand for our services is rising. By 2025, around one in five people living in the county will be aged over 60. They rightly expect care and support to live independent lives. There has also been an increase in the number of children in care and a 50% increase in the number of highways customer enquiries between 2011 and 2013.

Changes to legislation and regulation are placing an increased pressure on the County Council to do more to help local people. The changes include the forthcoming Care Bill and how our services are inspected by the Government.

People are using technology more and more to get the services they want online at a time and place that’s convenient to them, requiring investment in these new ways of delivering public services.

Our approach

Earlier this year, we asked for your views about how we should tackle the combination of reduced funding and increased demand for services. 58% of people who responded to the consultation supported our approach to transform the way we deliver services by looking at different options to drive out further savings.

This is what doing things differently is all about.

From Wednesday 8 October, we will be asking for your views on the five different ways we’re looking to change how we work to deliver the service you want.

The options, which will be published on an online form available from this page, will include:

  • delivering services indirectly through not-for-profit organisations
  • helping people to stay independent and out of social care where possible
  • using cash reserves in the short term rather than cutting services to allow longer term strategic transformation
  • delivering more services online so that residents can self-serve where appropriate
  • getting other organisations to deliver services on our behalf.

How we are already doing things differently

These are examples of how we are doing things differently to improve our services and save money.

Faster way to fix more potholes

Innovative ways of fixing potholes are helping to keep the roads in a better state of repair. 

By using cold asphalt, repairs can be completed in five minutes by one person, helping to save money. 

We’re aiming to fix 86,000 potholes this way, more than double the number completed last year.

Savings that add up by doing things differently in social care

Helping social care workers to work more effectively on the move by equipping them with tablet devices has helped to halve mileage costs, saving £20,000 in just four months. And by reducing the time spent travelling back to offices to update records, the team of 24 Contact Support Workers, who supervise meetings between parents and children, has been able to make more visits, reducing the number of agency relief staff required, helping to save an additional £17,000.

Helping you to help us by doing more online

We’ve recently changed how people apply for a waste permit. A permit is needed if people own a van, pick-up or sign-written vehicle and want to visit one of our 13 recycling centres to drop off waste.

The process has been streamlined and a new online form has been introduced. This helps to prevent partially completed forms from being submitted with incorrect information.

The result? There has been a:

  • 70% reduction in failed applications
  • 50% reduction in the number of staff needed to administer the scheme to just two employees
  • 43% reduction in monthly costs to supply a permit.

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