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Consultation is important: as a council, we need to know that the decisions we make take into account the views of the people of Nottinghamshire. Involving the public in the work of local government has become an integral part of the policy-making process. It's not simply about more open-government, although that too is important, it's about making policies more effective by listening to and taking on-board the views of the public and interested groups.

Our consultations

Search for and view our forthcoming, current and completed consultations, with links to relevant information.

To view consultations which closed on or before 31 March 2012, view the consultation archive.

TitleOverview/aims/objectivesStart dateEnd dateStatus
Peel Crescent Mansfield – No Stopping on Entrance Clearway TRO 2183 - Public AdvertTo prohibit vehicles from stopping on the School Entrance Marking at Peel Crescent Mansfield Monday to Friday 8am to 4.30pm.15 October 201405 November 2014Current
Hetts Lane Warsop - Prohibition of Waiting TRO 2182 - Public AdvertTo prohibit vehicles from waiting at Hetts Lane Monday to Friday 8am to 4.30pm.15 October 201405 November 2014Current
Lambley Lane, Gedling – Proposed 30 and 40mph Speed LimitsExtend the existing 30mph speed limit on Lambley Lane and introduce a 40mph speed limit between Spring Lane and new 30mph limit.03 October 201403 November 2014Current
2014 Annual Residents Satisfaction SurveyAn annual Council satisfaction survey will act as a strategic evaluation tool to enable the Council to effectively measure a number of key Council strategies, and inform improvements to information provision and customer service. In addition to measuring performance around resident satisfaction, council strategies, information provision, and achievement of Strategic Plan commitments, the data provided by the Council’s annual resident satisfaction survey will be used to benchmark against other...01 October 201431 October 2014Current
Leen Mills Lane, Hucknall – Prohibition of Waiting and No Stopping on Entrance ClearwaysTo prohibit vehicles from stopping and waiting outside the school entrance to the Leen Mills Primary School on Leen Mills Lane.03 October 201431 October 2014Current
Gedling Area - Prohibition of Waiting and No Stopping on Entrance Clearway TRO 7172 - Public AdvertTo prohibit vehicles from stopping and waiting outside all the schools in the Gedling Area03 October 201431 October 2014Current
Canal Road/Priorswell Road, Worksop. Proposed Prohibition of Left Turn.To reduce the likliehood of accidents occurring.30 October 201427 October 2014Current
Pelham Street Area, Newark Proposed Residents’ Parking SchemeTo alleviate parking concerns and ease pressures on visitor parking and prevent obstruction by parked vehicles29 September 201424 October 2014Completed
ASCH Information, Advice and Advocacy strategyTo establish how best to provide information about social care services01 September 201424 October 2014Completed
Derby Road / Bailey St & Wellington St, Stapleford – Proposed changes to parking restrictions –TRO 5170 To make better use of the available spaces for parking.27 October 201419 October 2014Current

Consultation guides

We have produced a series of guides to good consultation. They cover topics including planning consultations, designing questionnaires, and analysing the results.

Planning applications

View a list of planning applications for minerals and waste development which are open to the public for consultation.

Public notices

View a list of current public notices relating to schools.

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