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Consultation is important: as a council, we need to know that the decisions we make take into account the views of the people of Nottinghamshire. Involving the public in the work of local government has become an integral part of the policy-making process. It's not simply about more open-government, although that too is important, it's about making policies more effective by listening to and taking on-board the views of the public and interested groups.

Our consultations

Search for and view our forthcoming, current and completed consultations, with links to relevant information.

To view consultations which closed on or before 31 March 2012, view the consultation archive.

TitleOverview/aims/objectivesStart dateEnd dateStatus
Newcastle Avenue, Slack Walk and Westgate, Worksop – Proposed changes to Waiting RestrictionsTo make changes to existing waiting restrictions to benefit drivers.17 June 201524 July 2015Completed
Calverton Road, Arnold P.H.IB.71516.01 To improve waiting facilities, passenger information displays and accessibility at bus stops within the scheme area25 June 201523 July 2015Completed
Various Roads, Retford – Proposed Waiting RestrictionsTo improve safety for road users and prevent congestion.18 June 201516 July 2015Completed
Church Street and Ratcliffe Street, Eastwood – Proposed Waiting restrictions (Double & Single Yellow Lines – TRO 5207 Public AdvertTo address obstructive parking at the junction and to assist disable patients attending the surgery.04 June 201503 July 2015Completed
The Nottinghamshire County Council (Brynsmoor Road, Moor Road and The Moor, Brinsley) (Prohibition of Waiting) Traffic Regulation Order 2015 (5196)To prevent parking at the above junctions which is causing obstructions and issues with visibility.04 June 201503 July 2015Completed
Owlston Close, Eastwood – Proposed No Waiting At Any Time restrictions (Double Yellow Lines – TRO 5197 Public AdvertThe proposals are designed to prevent vehicles from parking at the junction which is causing obstructions and issues with visibility 04 June 201503 July 2015Completed
The Nottinghamshire County Council (Plumtre Way, Eastwood) (Prohibition of Waiting and Loading / Unloading) Traffic Regulation Order 2015 (5206) – TRO 5206 Public AdvertThe proposals are designed to prevent vehicles from parking in the lay-by which is preventing the local buses from waiting at the bus stop without obstructing cars.04 June 201503 July 2015Completed
Hardy Street, Worksop – Proposed Prohibition and Restriction of Waiting and LoadingTo re-utilise roadspace previously used as a bus station to the benefit of local businesses and shoppers.29 May 201503 July 2015Completed
AS0035 Miners Welfare, Main Road, Jacksdale Bus Stop Clearway Improvements at bus stops in the area to improve accessibility to the bus stop04 June 201502 July 2015Completed
Adolescent Health Strategy – establishing health priorities for young people The purpose of this survey is to establish what young people perceive to be key issues in terms of health and wellbeing. It hopes to establish health and wellbeing priorities for young people, ascertain common concerns and assess preferred support mechanisms for dealing with these concerns. Information gathered during this survey will be used to inform the Adolescent Health Strategy that Public Health is currently scoping. It is essential that the voice of young people is heard during...01 May 201530 June 2015Completed

Consultation guides

We have produced a series of guides to good consultation. They cover topics including planning consultations, designing questionnaires, and analysing the results.

Planning applications

View a list of planning applications for minerals and waste development which are open to the public for consultation.

Public notices

View a list of current public notices relating to schools.

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