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Financial report 2011/12

2011/12 Funding Received
2011/12 Spend

All amounts shown are in £m

Spending and capital investment breakdown

In 2011/12 the Council spent over £1,200m providing services like schools, libraries, roads and care for older people across the county, as well as money spent on buying, upgrading and improving assets like buildings and roads. Here's how the money was spent.

Children's and Education

Secondary schools 242.2
Primary schools 294.9
Children's social care 96.9
Special schools 32.1
Pre-school education 14.5
Non-school funding 40.5
Nursery schools 32.1
Total 753.2

Adult Social Care

Older people's social care 155.7
Adults with physical disability or sensory impairment 27.7
Adults with learning disabilities 99.4
Adults with mental health needs 13.6
Other social care 12.9
Total 309.3

Leisure Services

Library service 13.4
Country parks, sport and arts 10.0
Other leisure services 1.8
Total 25.2

Highways, Roads and Transportation

Public transport 35.1
Road maintenance 23.2
Other transport/roads 27.8
Street lighting 8.2
Traffic management and road safety 2.7
Total 97.0

Environmental Services

Waste disposal 31.9
Community safety 1.4
Trading Standards 1.6
Total 34.9

Other Services

Corporate and democratic core 26.4
Planning & development 5.5
Other services 2.7
Non Distributed Costs -5.4
Total 29.2

Balance Sheet

This is a statement of our financial position at the end of the financial year. It is a summary of our assets and of our liabilities. During 2011-12 our total net assets decreased by £414m mainly due to changes in the valuation of the pensions liability and deregonition of academy schools.

Net assets

  31/03/2010 31/03/2011
Property, plant & equipment 1550.4 1372.9
Other long term assets 41 32.1
Short term investments 20 20
Debtors 61.7 68.2
Other short term assets 9.7 35.7
  1,682.8 1,528.9
Short term borrowings -25.5 -19.1
Short term creditors and provisions -169.6 -148.8
Long term borrowings -423.6 -411.1
Other long term liabilities -9.9 -16.1
Pensions Liability -581.6 -874.9
  -1,210.2 -1,470
Total net assets 472.6 58.9

Financed by

  31/03/2010 31/03/2011
Earmarked reserves 142.6 168.4
General reserves 28.1 29.7
Capital accounting and other unusable reserves 883.5 735.7
  1,054.2 933.8
Less Pensions reserve -581.6 -874.9
Total 472.6 58.9


  • Earmarked reserves are amounts set aside for specific purposes. They include amounts set aside for future capital investment and any unspent budgets held by schools.
  • General reserves are amounts we have set aside to cover unplanned or unexpected spending demands in the future. While we we need to keep enough aside to maintain a secure financial position we keep these amounts as low as possible so that we can spend more on delivering services while minimising the call on the council tax payer.
  • Capital accounting and other unusable reserves are amounts held under accounting regulations and are not available for spending by the Council.
  • Pensions reserves represent the liability to the Council has to fund pensions earned by past and present employees.


Children's and education 753.2
Highways, roads & transportation 97.0
Adult social care 309.3
Environmental services 34.9
Leisure services 25.2
Other services 29.2
Other income, spending and adjustments -99.4
Total Spending 1,149.4


Council Tax 308.0
Dedicated Schools Grant 452.5
National non domestic rates 151.8
New Homes Bonus Scheme 0.6
Early Intervention Grant 29.2
Council Tax Freeze Grant 7.7
Capital grants and contributions 53.8
Other government grants 147.4
Total Funding 1,151.0

Surplus for the year - £1.6m

Underspending on services -6.1
Interest -2.2
Contingency -25.7
Increased grant income -0.9
Movements in reserves and other 33.3
Total -1.6

Capital Investment 2011/12

Children & Young People 34.9
Community Services 55.5
Adult Social Care & Health 1.3
Support services & trading operations 0.6
Total 92.3
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