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Nottinghamshire County Council - Proud of our past, ambitious for our future

Councillors' Details

Cllr Boyd ElliottElliott, BoydCalvertonGedlingConservative
Cllr Sybil FieldingFielding, SybilWorksop NorthBassetlawLabour
Cllr Kate FoaleFoale, KateBeeston South and AttenboroughBroxtoweLabour
Cllr Stephen GarnerGarner, StephenMansfield SouthMansfieldMansfield Independent Forum
Cllr Glynn GilfoyleGilfoyle, GlynnWorksop EastBassetlawLabour
Cllr Kevin GreavesGreaves, KevinWorksop WestBassetlawLabour
Cllr Alice GriceGrice, AliceHucknallAshfieldLabour
Cllr John HandleyHandley, JohnBeauvaleBroxtoweConservative
Cllr Colleen HarwoodHarwood, ColleenMansfield EastMansfieldLabour
Cllr Stan HeptinstallHeptinstall, StanBramcote and StaplefordBroxtoweLiberal Democrat
Cllr Tom HollisHollis, TomSutton in Ashfield WestAshfieldLiberal Democrat
Cllr Richard JacksonJackson, RichardChilwell and TotonBroxtoweConservative
Cllr Roger JacksonJackson, RogerFarnsfield and LowdhamNewark and SherwoodConservative
Cllr David KirkhamKirkham, DavidSutton in Ashfield CentralAshfieldLabour
Cllr John KnightKnight, JohnKirkby in Ashfield NorthAshfieldLabour
Cllr Darren LangtonLangton, DarrenMansfield WestMansfieldLabour
Cllr Bruce LaughtonLaughton, BruceSouthwell and CauntonNewark and SherwoodConservative
Cllr Keith LongdonLongdon, KeithEastwoodBroxtoweLiberal Democrat
Cllr Rachel MaddenMadden, RachelKirkby in Ashfield SouthAshfieldLiberal Democrat
Cllr Diana MealeMeale, DianaMansfield WestMansfieldLabour

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