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How the Council is funded

The money that Nottinghamshire County Council spends on its services comes from five different sources:

General Central Government Grant:

  • Central Government gives us money towards the cost of all the services we provide. This is called the Revenue Support Grant.

Specific Central Government Grants:

  • Central Government also gives us money to pay for specific services. Since 2006/07, all spending on schools is paid for by a specific government grant.

Council Tax:

  • Council Tax is a form of local taxation, based on the value of the place where you live. Find out more about Council Tax

Business Rates:

  • Business Rates are similar to Council Tax, but they are paid on commercial property, such as factories, offices and shops. Find out more about Business Rates.

Charges for our services:

  • Most of our services are free, but some have a small charge. For example, we charge for car parking at our country parks and a small fine is payable for overdue library books. Income from these charges is a small proportion of our total income.

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