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Allowances, expenses, conduct and outside interests

Allowances and expenses 

County Councillors (Members) are entitled to allowances and to claim expenses for travel, accommodation and subsistence required in connection with the Council's business. There are rules and standards that govern how much can be paid, and in what circumstances. 

For more information, view the Councillors' Allowances Scheme and Travel and Accommodation Policy which are detailed in part six of the Council's Constitution, on pages 6-60 to 6-78.


The County Council is committed to high standards of ethical behaviour and probity by its elected representatives. County Councillors need to ensure that all duties are performed in compliance with the highest standards of probity and integrity.

Members must sign up to the County Council's local Code of Conduct which is based on national guidelines. You can view the Code of Conduct in part six of the Council's Constitution [PDF], on pages 6-79 to 6-88.

Anyone who believes that a Councillor may have breached the Code of Conduct can make a complaint.


Elected councillors and persons appointed as co-opted members of the County Council’s Committees are required by law to register financial interests. The information disclosed is entered into the Register of Members' and Co-opted Members' Financial and Other Interests [PDF]. The register is compiled from the information given shortly after election or appointment and subsequently amended as an individual’s circumstances change. The Team Manager Democratic Services maintains the list.

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