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About county councillors

County Councillors are elected by the people of Nottinghamshire every four years.

Each councillor represents a particular area of the county. 

  • there are 67 county councillors in Nottinghamshire
  • they represent 54 areas of the county
  • these areas are called electoral divisions (some larger divisions have 2 - 3 councillors) 

Councils are often members of political parties but they can also be independent. 

What do councillors do? 

County Councillors:

  • use their local knowledge and views to help to make Council decisions
  • represent the interests of the residents of their area
  • check the quality of County Council services provided in their area
  • help local people who want information or want to use County Council services

They do this by:

  • attending Full Council meetings. This is where policies and issues are debated and voted on
  • sitting on committees, which look in detail at specific parts of the Council’s work
  • working closely with other agencies that operate in their area. For example, many Councillors are governors of local schools, sit on the board of PCTs or the Police Authority. Some county councillors may also be district or parish councillors
  • holding regularly surgeries, where the public can go to raise any issues they would like to see addressed by the council, or find out more about the council and its services. 

Key roles

Some councillors are given extra duties and responsibilities, such as the Leader of the Council and the committee chairs.

Types of councillors 

There are different councils in Nottinghamshire, and so there are different types of councillor:

  • county councillors, who serve on the County Council
  • district councillors, who serve on district councils
  • town or parish councillors, who serve on town or parish councils

A county councillor may also be a district councillor, parish or town councillor, a Member of Parliament or a Member of the European Parliament. 

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