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Forestry and Arboricultural

Forestry and Arboricultural

Over the last year or so there has been confusion as to responsibility for surveying the trees on school sites. In order to give clarity, all responsibility for carrying out school surveys now lies with the Forestry and Arboricultural Unit. This is essential to ensure that the County Council can act quickly to the presence of Ash Die Back and other diseases, and the effects they may have on your site.

All schools and property sites are now being inspected, free of charge, and all surveys must be carried out by the County Council. A survey by this team is essential, even if you have made other arrangements for this to be done by someone else. We are in the process of contacting all schools by phone to arrange a convenient time to visit.

Information from the survey will be passed to schools and also our Property Section who act as landlords to the site. After the survey we will inform you of any immediate actions that needs to be taken. The responsibility to carry out any works required still resides with the school itself.

A new email address has been created as a contact point for queries and is monitored on a daily basis. Please send any requests to

Forestry and Arboricultural Contact

David Simpkins
0115 977 2576

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