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St Ann with Emmanuel was opened in 1974. It replaced two previous churches of St Ann, Nottingham (by R. C. Clarke, demolished 1971) and Emmanuel, Woodborough Road (by Watson Fothergill demolished 1972).

At the time of the Great War the area of Nottingham today regarded as St Ann’s was divided into six parishes which had been created during the nineteenth century to encourage an expanding urban population to worship. By the middle of the last century with the population of inner-city Nottingham declining and church attendance falling, most of these parishes had disappeared through amalgamation or abolition. The area’s Anglican churches were demolished and currently only St Ann’s with Emmanuel remains active as a modern church which has replaced two earlier buildings demolished in the 1970s. From totals submitted to St Mary’s Nottingham between 1919/21, it is believed that around 830 men from the St Ann’s district were killed during the Great War although experience across the county suggests that duplication probably reduces this figure by 10 to 15 %. Therefore, a speculative estimated total for the St Ann’s district would be 750. If St Bartholomew’s known list of 154 is deducted it would seem that around 600 St Ann’s Great War fatalities have been ‘missing’ from public view. Collecting their names is proving challenging; this project has relied extensively on war memorial data, and whilst St Bartholomew’s memorial survived the building’s destruction and appears on this website, similar evidence is unavailable across east Nottingham. Memorials from St Ann’s and Emmanuel were lost during later twentieth century slum clearances. No memorials were created at St Catharine's, St Luke's or St Mark's. This virtual memorial is being compiled from scrutiny of Nottingham Evening Post obituary entries, the CWGC Debt of Honour Register and other military sources, census data and Birth, Marriage and Death indexes. David Nunn

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Albert Adamson - Albert Adamson

Stewart John Aldous - Stewart John Aldous

Henry Aldridge - Henry Aldridge

Walter Alford - Walter Alford

James William George Allen - James William George Allen

John Allen - John Allen

Tom Brambley Allen - Tom Brambley Allen

William Allsopp - William Allsopp

Edward Anderson - Edward Anderson

John Henry Anderson - John Henry Anderson

Fred Archer - Fred Archer

Alfred Arnold - Alfred Arnold

Wilfred Arnold - Wilfred Arnold

Albert Ash - Albert Ash

Samuel Ashmore - Samuel Ashmore

Reginald Douglas Askew - Reginald Douglas Askew

Herbert Astle - Herbert Astle

Albert Atkin - Albert Augustus Atkin

William Atkin - William Atkin

John William Attenborough - John William Attenborough

George H Austin Barnes - George Henry Austin

William Ayres - William Ayres

Frederick John Baggaley - Fredrick John Baggaley

Ernest Bailey - Ernest Bailey

George Joseph Ball - George Joseph Ball

Reuben Henry Ball - Reuben Henry Ball

George William Bancroft - George William Bancroft

William Barber - William Barber

Thomas Barker - Thomas Barker

Thomas Edwin Barlow - Thomas Edwin Barlow

George Barnett - George Barnett

Frederick Barrowcliff - Frederick Barrowcliff

Harry Barrowcliff - Harry Barrowcliff

William Batchford - William Batchford

William Henry Bates - William Henry Bates

Arthur George Baxter - Arthur George Baxter

Arthur Walter Beadles - Albert Walter Beadles

Marcus Beales - Marcus Beales

George Henry Beardall - George Henry Beardall

Valentine Beardsley - Valentine Beardsley

George Beckworth - George Beckworth

Albert Bee - Albert Bee

George Bee - George Bee

Harold William Beecroft - Harold William Beecroft

Ernest Bell - Ernest Bell

Frank Leslie Belshaw - Frank Leslie Belshaw

Frank Belshaw - Frank Belshaw

George Belshaw - George Belshaw

William H H Bennett - William Henry Hesp Bennett

Charles Beresford - Charles Beresford

John George Beresford - John George Beresford

Frederick Beresford - Frederick Beresford

George Berry - George Berry

Harry Betts - Harry Betts

William Bicknell - William Bicknell

George Ernest Bilbie - George Ernest Bilbie

Arthur Billson - Arthur Billson

Joseph Henry Birkin - Joseph Henry Birkin

Alfred Bishop - Alfred Bishop

William Blackshaw - Walter Blackshaw

Charles Blasdale - Charles Blasdale

Tom Harry Blasdale - Tom Harry Blasdale

John Hubert Blasdale - John Hubert Blasdale

Henry Thompson Blatherwick - Henry Thompson Blatherwick

John Samuel Blissitt - John Samuel Blissitt

Gordon Blockley - George Blockley

Thomas Ivor Blunden - Thomas Ivor Blunden

Charles Boaden - Charles Boaden

Arthur Frederick Booth - Arthur Frederick Booth

Henry Boyd - Henry Boyd

Thomas Alfred Boyington - Thomas Alfred Boyington

Harold Bradbury - Harold Bradbury

Neville Stretton Bradbury - Neville Stretton Bradbury

Charles Bradley - Charles Alderman Bradley

Edward Brammall - Edward William Brammall

Norman Brewer - Norman Brewer

Arthur Brewin - Arthur Brewin

Arthur Brierley - Arthur Brierley

Ernest Brierley - Ernest Brierley

Charles Henry Briggs - Charles Henry Briggs

Benjamin Briggs - Benjamin Briggs

Ernest Briggs - Ernest Briggs

Bernard Broadhead - Arthur Bernard Broadhead

William Broadhead - William Broadhead

Percy Brocklesby - Percy Brocklesby

Alfred Brockwell - Alfred Brockwell

Walter Brooks - Walter Brooks

George Henry Brooks - George Henry Brooks

John Brough - John Brough

Albert Henry Brown - Albert Henry Brown

Luke Brown - Luke Brown

Thomas Arthur Brown - Thomas Arthur Brown

William Brown - William Brown

William Arthur Brown - William Arthur Brown

William Henry Brown - William Henry Brown

Alfred Brown - Alfred Brown

Charles Middleton Brown - Charles Middleton Brown

George Brown - George Brown

George Browne - George Browne

William Brownlow - William Brownlow

Lawrence Buckley - Lawrence Buckley

William Buckley - William Buckley

William Bunting - William Bunting

Claude Leonard Burdell - Claude Leonard Burdell

Charles Burden - Charles Edward Burden

Robert Clark Burgess - Robert Clark Burgess

Walter Burkitt - Walter Burkitt

Joseph Henry Burton - Joseph Henry Burton

John Henry Langford Burton - John Henry Langford Burton

R H Butler - Harold Butler

Jack Butler - Jack Butler

Thomas Calow - Thomas Henry Calow

William Carrington - William Carrington

Ernest Carter - Ernest Carter

Harold Carver - Harold Archibald Carver

Albert Cavers - Albert Cavers

William Cavers - William Culley Cavers

Harold O Chambers - Harold Oliver Chambers

Raymond Champion - Raymond Champion

Walter Champion - Walter Champion

William Champion - William Champion

Edward Chaplin - Edward Chaplin

Ernest Chaplin - Ernest Chaplin

Harry Chaplin - Harry Chaplin

Cyril Charlesworth - Cyril Charlesworth

Alfred Cheetham - Alfred Cheetham

Henry Clark - Henry Clark

Arthur Henry Clarke - Arthur Henry Clarke

William Claypole - William Claypole

Charles Clayton - Charles Cyril Clayton

Harry Leslie Cliff - Harry Leslie Cliff

Sydney Clifford - Sydney Clifford

George Clow - George Clow

Fred Cecil Clow - Frederick Cecil Clow

Frank Coates - Frank Coates

Wilfred Cocker - Wilfred Cocker

Harold Cocking - Harold Cocking

Ernest Coffey - Ernest Coffey

Samuel Cohen - Samuel Cohen

Francis Comery - Francis Edmund Comery

Albert Cooke - Albert Cooke

William George Cooke - William George Cooke

Charles Corbett - Charles Corbett

Tom Henry Cottee - Tom Henry Cottee

Thomas Henry Cox - Thomas Henry Cox

William Cragg - William Cragg

Robert Craven - Robert Craven

Tom Harold Crayton - Tom Harold Crayton

Harry Rowlett Crayton - Harry Rowlett Crayton

Frederick Cronk - Frederick William Mallard Cronk

Claude Cryer - Claude Alfred Cryer

William Cumberpatch - William Thomas Cumberpatch

James Cusick - James Cusick

Michael Cusick - Michael Cusick

Ernest Cuttriss - Ernest Cuttriss

Charles Dabell - Charles Dabell

John Arthur Dale - John Arthur Dale

Tom Dale - Thomas Dale

Harold E Davenport - Harold Davenport

Jesse Dawson - Jesse Dawson

George Deacon - Samuel George Deacon

Frank Poyser Dean - Frank Poyser Dean

Edward Charles Deane - Edward Charles Deane

John Derry - John Derry

William Dexter - Walter James Dexter

Henry Taylor D'Hooghe - Henry Taylor D' Hooghe

Albert Dixey - Albert Dixey

John William Dixon - John William Dixon

Frederick Dodson - Frederick Dodson

W H Doyle - William Henry Doyle

Leonard Dresker - Leonard Dresher

Bertram Harold Drury - Bertram Harold Drury

John P Drury - John Patrick Drury

William Dunn - William Dunn

Reginald John Dunn - Reginald John Dunn

Ernest Dutton - Ernest Dutton

William Henry Ecob - William Henry Ecob

Albert Edgley - Albert Edward Edgley

William Claude Edwards - William Claude Edwards

Frank Elliott - Frank Elliott

William James Evans - William James Evans

Richard Burton Everitt - Richard Burton Everitt

George Albert Eversley - George Albert Eversley

John William Exton - John William Exton

George Eyre - George William Eyre

William Farnsworth - William Farnsworth

George Fawcett - George Fawcett

Richard Firkin - Richard Firkin

Frank Fisher - Frank Fisher

Louis Fletcher - Louis Fletcher

William Flinders - William Flinders

Harold Flinders - Harold Flinders

William Fogg - William Fogg

Charles Hunt Ford - Charles Hunt Ford

Arthur Ernest Foster - Arthur Ernest Foster

William Foster - William Foster

Edward Fowlds - Edward Fowlds

George Ernest Fox - George Ernest Fox

Harry Fox - Harry Fox

Arthur Stephen Free - Arthur Stephen Free

Herbert Freeman - Herbert Freeman

Joseph Freestone - Joseph Freestone

Everett Gale - Everett Arthur Gale

Albert Garner - Albert Edward Garner

Albert Joseph Gavagan - Albert Joseph Gavagan

Albert Gay - Albert Daniel Gay

John Gell - John Edward Gell

John Gibney - John Gibney

William Claude Gibson - William Claude Gibson

Percy Claude Gill - Percy Claude Gill

Albert Gillett - Albert Gillett

Claude Gilson - Claude Gilson

Walter Stanley Gimson - Walter Stanley Gimson

Ernest Glover - Ernest Glover

William Glover - William Glover

John Goodacre - John Ernest Goodacre

Harry Goodacre - Harry Goodacre

Leonard Goodson - Leonard Goodson

Albert Edward Gray - Albert Edward Gray

William Frederick Greasley - William Frederick Greasley

John Greatorex - Joseph Greatorex

John Isaac Green - John Isaac Green

Edward Greenberry - Edward Greenberry

H Greenhalgh - Herbert Greenhalgh

Francis Griffin - Francis Griffin

John Griffin - John Griffin

John Gunn - John Gunn

Lawrence Guy - Lawrence Guy

Walter Henry Guy - Walter Henry Guy

Harold Hall - Harold Edward Hall

Horace George Handley - Horace George Handley

John Handley - John Handley

Ernest Hanford - Ernest Hanford

Robert William Hardy - Robert William Hardy

Harry Winrow Hardy - Harry Winrow Hardy

Percy Harper - Percy Richard Harper

Joseph Harris - Joseph Herbert Harris

Marianne Harris - Marianne Battelle Harris

William Harris - William Harris

Arthur Harrison - Arthur Harrison

Edward Harrison - Edward Harrison

Robert John Harrison - Robert John Harrison

Stanley Harrison - Stanley Harrison

Albert Hatton - Albert James Hatton

Edward Hatton - Edward George Hatton

Leonard Hawkins - Leonard Hawkins

John Henry Hawkins - John Henry Hawkins

George Hawley - George Hawley

Harry Hayday - Harry Hayday

Francis Hearnshaw - Francis Henry Hearnshaw

Robert Hendren - Robert Hendren

John Henley - John James Henley

Frederick Robert Henley - Frederick Robert Henley

William Henry Hewes - William Henry Hewes

William George Hibbert - William George Hibbert

Charles Hickingbottom - Charles Hickingbottom

Samuel Arthur Hickton - Samuel Arthur Hickton

Tom Hill - Tom Hill

Albert Hill - Albert Hill

James Albert Hillyard - James Albert Hillyard

Alfred William Hind - Alfred William Hind

Walter Hind - Walter Hind

Arthur Hingley - Arthur Hingley

Frank Harold Hobson - Frank Harold Hobson

Henry Stanley Hodgkinson - Henry Stanley Hodgkinson

George James William Holden - George James William Holden

Harold Holland - Harold Ernest Holland

William Hollingsworth - William Henry Hollingsworth

Fred Holloway - Fred Holloway

George Holloway - George Holloway

William Holmes - William Henry Holmes

Ernest Holmes - Ernest Holmes

Thomas Holroyd - Thomas Holroyd

Thomas Horne - Thomas Horne

William Horsfield - William Horsfield

Horace Howkins - Horace Howkins

Walter George Howlett - Walter George Howlett

Frank Huddlestone - Frank Huddlestone

Samuel Hufton - Samuel Hufton

Arthur Huish - Arthur Huish

Richard Humphreys - Richard William Charles Humphreys

George Henry Hunt - George Henry Hunt

Herbert Ickes - Herbert Alfred Ickes

William Edward Jack - William Edward Jack

Ernest Jackson - Ernest Jackson

George Jackson - George Jackson

Archibald F Jackson - Archibald Frederick Jackson

Aubrey George Jackson - Aubrey George Jackson

Harold Jackson - Harold Jackson

Thomas Sidney Jackson - Thomas Sidney Jackson

Bernard Jarvis - Bernard Jarvis

Horace Cyril Johnson - Horace Cyril Johnson

Albert Arthur Johnson - Albert Arthur Johnson

William Johnson - William Johnson

John C Keeling - John Clifton Keeling

Robert Keetley - Robert Keetley

Thomas Keetley - Thomas Keetley

Sidney Kemp - Sidney Kemp

Arthur Bernard Kent - Arthur Bernard Kent

Herbert Kenton - Herbert Kenton

Francis H Kenward - Francis Henry Kenward

George Kerton - George Kerton

Albert E Kind - Albert Edward Kind

Randolph King - Randolph Harold King

Frederick King - Frederick Arthur William King

Arthur Kirk - Arthur Kirk

Joseph Knowles - Joseph Knowles

Edward Francis Patrick Lacey - Edward Francis Patrick Lacey

Albert William Lander - Albert William Lander

Joseph Leatherland - Joseph Leatherland

Ernest Ledger - Edward Leonard Ledger

William Riley Lee - William Riley Lee

Frederick Lees - Frederick William Lees

John Locking - John George Locking

George Foster Loveday - George Foster Loveday

Thomas Lowe - Thomas Lowe

Francis Robert Lowe - Francis Robert Lowe

Ralph Lowe - Ralph Lowe

Samuel Ernest Lowe - Samuel Ernest Lowe

Claude Philip Lowe - Claude Philip Lowe

Tom Lowe - Tom Lowe

Albert Maddock - Albert Maddock

George Henry Maddock - George Henry Maddock

Henry James Maddock - Henry James Maddock

Arthur Makin - Arthur Makin

Charles Mann - Charles Mann

Albert Manners - Albert Manners

Frederick Marriott - Frederick Marriott

George Marsden - George Marsden

Albert Marshall - Albert Marshall

Arthur Martin - Arthur Martin

Henry Bean Martin - Henry Bean Martin

Arthur Maskell - Arthur Maskell

John Henry Maskrey - John Henry Maskrey

Arthur Maskrey - Arthur Maskrey

Arthur Parker Mason - Arthur Parker Mason

Harold Mason - Harold Mason

William Edward Mason - William Edmund Mason

Charles Mason - Charles Mason

George Henry Matheson - George Henry Matheson

Vincent Matthews - Vincent Matthews

Frederick McAlonan - Frederick McAlonan

Bernard McAvan - Bernard Henry McAvan

Archibald McMillan - Archibald McMillan

Charles Mellor - Charles Mellor

Robert Mellors - Robert Mellors

Herbert Merryman - Herbert Merryman

William Middleton - William T Middleton

William Charles Miller - William Charles Miller

Henry Miller - Henry Miller

Claude Victor Mills - Claude Victor Mills

Clarence Minard - Clarence Victor Minard

Thomas Frederick Moran - Thomas Frederick Moran

Arthur Cornelius Morley - Arthur Cornelius Morley

Harry Morlin - Harry Morlin

Arthur Morris - Arthur Morris

William Morris - William Morris

Alfred Morrison - Alfred Morrison

John Munton - John Munton

Herbert Murfet - Herbert Murfet

Richard Nash - Richard Harold Nash

Cecil Needham - Cecil Needham

Reginald Neville - Reginald A W Neville

Jack Newcombe - Jack Newcombe

Charles William Newman - Charles William Newman

Albert Newton - Albert Newton

Leonard Newton - Leonard Newton

William North - William North

John Nuthall - John Edward Nuthall

Patrick O'Brien - Patrick O'Brien

Harrry Odam - Harry Odam

Joseph Old - Joseph John Old

Albert Victor Oldham - Albert Victor Oldham

Samuel Oldham - Samuel Oldham

Francis John Owens - Francis John Owens

Frank Padley - Frank Padley

George Davies Page - George Davies Page

Robert Edward Palethorpe - Robert Edward Palethorpe

Harold Paling - Harold Martin Paling

John Parker - John Parker

Harold Parker - Harold Parker

John William Parnell - John William Parnell

Henry Thomas Parr - Henry Thomas Parr

Thomas Parsons - Thomas Parsons

Horace Pawley - Horace Pawley

Charles Peach - Charles Peach

Ernest Pearson - Ernest Pearson

Edward Pearson - Edward Pearson

Ernest Peet - Ernest Peet

Leonard Pendleton - Leonard Pendleton

Ernest Perkins - Ernest Perkins

Frederick Pheasey - Frederick Charles Pheasey

Reuben Pheasey - Reuben George Pheasey

John Phillips - John Phillips

John William Pickering - John William Pickering

William Pickering - William Pickering

Albert Pilkington - Albert Pilkington

Charles Pilkington - Charles Cyril Pilkington

Frederick Hearne Porter - Frederick Herne Porter

Samuel Harold Porter - Samuel Harold Porter

Walter Porter - Walter Charles Porter

Edwin Pownall - Edwin Pownall

Clarence Poyser - Clarence Bertram Poyser

Herbert Pride - Herbert Pride

Henry Prior - Henry Prior

George Prior - George Prior

Charles Ernest Proctor - Charles Ernest Proctor

Richard William Prowse - Richard William Prowse

Albert Pykett - Albert Pykett

Harold Radford - Harold Radford

Walter Radford - Walter Radford

Herbert Samuel Raven - Herbert Sydney Raven

William Raven - William Raven

Herbert Raynor - Herbert Charles Raynor

William Francis Reddish - William Francis Reddish

Harry Redgate - Harry Redgate

John Sylvanus Redgate - John Sylvanus Redgate

Ernest Reeve - Ernest Reeve

Samuel Richards - Samuel Richards

Alfred Henry Richardson - Alfred Henry Richardson

Arthur Sidney Richardson - Arthur Sidney Richardson

Tom Richmond - Tom Richmond

Percy Richmond - Percy Richmond

Ernest Riley - Ernest Riley

Francis Frederick Riley - Francis Frederick Riley

Samuel Riley - Samuel Riley

Alfred Ernest Roadley - Alfred Ernest Roadley

John Percy Robinson - John Percy Robinson

Frederick Henry Robinson - Frederick Henry Robinson

George Albert Robinson - George Albert Robinson

George Rockley - George Rockley

Arthur Roe - Arthur Roe

Arthur Roe - Arthur Roe

John William Rolfe - John William Rolfe

Augustus Romaine - Augustus Romaine

William Rushworth - William Rushworth

George Russell - George Russell

Sydney Russell - Sydney Russell

Harold Rycroft - Harold Rycroft

Arthur Sadler - Albert Sadler

H Sadler - H Sadler

Albert Salmon - Albert Salmon

Arthur Sansom - Arthur Sansom

Albert Sansom - Albert Sansom

William Lawrence Savidge - William Lawrence Savidge

Ernest Scattergood - Ernest Charles Scattergood

Thomas Henry Sears - Thomas Henry Sears

Thomas Paine Sharp - Thomas Paine Sharp

Arthur Frederick Claude Sharp - Arthur Frederick Claude Sharp

William Shaw - William Percy Shaw

Clarence Shaw - Clarence Joseph Shaw

Harold Sydney Shaw - Harold Sydney Shaw

Albert Shelton - Albert Shelton

George Shelton - George Shelton

Harry Shelton - Harry Shelton

William Shephard - William Shephard

Cecil Edgar Sheppard - Cecil Edgar Sheppard

John Henry Sheppard - John Henry Sheppard

Charles Edward Sheppard - Charles Edward Sheppard

George Alfred Shipstone - George Alfred Shipstone

Alfred Silvers - Cyril Alfred Silvers

Thomas James Silverwood - Thomas James Silverwood

George Simpkins - George Simpkins

Frederick Henry Skermer - Frederick Henry Skermer

Charles Sketchley - Charles Sketchley

Arthur Slate - Albert Slate

Arthur William Slater - Arthur William Slater

William Henry Slater - William Henry Slater

Gordon Smedley - Gordon Smedley

John Henry Smith - John Henry Smith

Edward Percy Smith - Edward Percy Smith

Albert Edwin Smith - Albert Edwin Smith

Charles Smith - Charles Smith

Edwin John Smith - Edwin John Smith

Harold Smith - Harold Smith

Herbert Smith - Herbert Smith

John Smith - John Smith

Joseph Smith - Joseph Smith

William Henry Smith - William Henry Smith

Alfred Leonard Smith - Alfred Leonard Smith

Edward Stephen Smith - Edward Stephen Smith

Wilfrid Smith - Wilfrid Thomas Smith

Percy Smith - Percy Smith

Charles Smitham - Charles Smitham

Albert Snowden - Albert Snowden

William Soles - William Soles

Jack Spencer - Jack Spencer

George Henry Spicer - George Henry Spicer

Cyril Spick - Cyril Spick

Thomas Edgar Spinks - Thomas Edgar Spinks

Arthur Spooner - Arthur Spooner

Harry Spooner - Harry Spooner

Cyril Herbert Staniforth - Cyril Herbert Staniforth

William Starr - William Starr

Isaac Statham - Isaac Alfred Statham

George R Steeple - George Robinson Steeple

Percy Bernard Stephenson - Percy Bernard Stephenson

Charles William Stephenson - Charles William Stephenson

William Henry Stevenson - William Henry Stevenson

Robert Stevenson - Robert Stevenson

Claud Stones - Claud Stones

Thomas Stones - Thomas Stones

Thomas Stones - Thomas Stones

Ernest Stoneystreet - Ernest Stoneystreet

John Stoneystreet - John Stoneystreet

Cyril Nathaniel Storer - Cyril Nathaniel Storer

Harry Sturdy - Harry Sturdy

Samuel Sturtivant - Samuel Sturtivant

Herbert James Sutton - Herbert James Sutton

Thomas Herbert Swann - Thomas Herbert Swann

Frederick Swanwick - Frederick Swanwick

John Swift - John Swift

William Swinglehurst - William Swinglehurst

Richard Talbot - Richard Talbot

William Talbot - William Talbot

Charles John Talbot - Charles John Talbot

Henry Claudian Taylor - Henry Claudian Taylor

Fred Taylor - Fred Taylor

Albert Taylor - Albert Taylor

Frederick G C Taylor - Frederick George Clifford Taylor

Eric Rushbrook Taylor - Eric Rushbrook Taylor

Leonard Tebb - Leonard Adolphus Tebb

L Terry - L Terry

John Harold Terry - John Harold Terry

John James Thomas - John James Thomas

Reginald Thompson - Reginald Thompson

Ronald Thomson - Ronald Thomson

Albert Thorneloe - Albert Thorneloe

Frank Thorpe - Frank Thorpe

Harry Thorpe - Harry Thorpe

Ernest Thundercliffe - Ernest Thundercliffe

George Timson - George Arthur Timson

George Tombs - George Tombs

Charles Fredrick Tooms - Charles Frederick Tooms

Herbert A Towle - Herbert Arthur Towle

Joseph Townsend - Joseph Townsend

William Truman - William Truman

Herbert Tuckwood - Herbert Tuckwood

Augustus John Frederick Turner - Augustus John Frederick Turner

Cecil Edmond Turpie - Edmund Cecil Turpie

Charles Turton - Charles Samuel Turton

John Turton - John Turton

Herbert Twells - Herbert Twells

James Unwin - James William Unwin

William Upton - William Upton

Clement Urry - Clement Urry

William Henry Vann - William Henry Vann

James Varley - James Varley

Charles Taylor Wagstaff - Charles Taylor Wagstaff

George Wakefield - George Wakefield

Charles Walker - Charles Walker

Clarence Edward Walker - Clarence Edward Walker

Fred Walker - Fred Walker

Francis Edward Walker - Francis Edwin Walker

James Walker - James Walker

Bernard Walker - Bernard Walker

William Waplington - William Waplington

Ernest Wardle - Ernest Wardle

John Knighton Wardle - John Knighton Wardle

Christopher Ware - Christopher Tipton Ware

Herbert Warren - Herbert Warren

Harry Warrener - Harry Warrener

Ernest Warsop - Ernest Warsop

John T Watts - John T. Watts

John Lawrence Weatherall - John Lawrence Weatherall

John William Webster - John William Webster

Frank Welbourne - Frank Welbourne

Charles Henry Wells - Charles Henry Wells

Frederick William Wells - Frederick William Wells

Joseph West - Joseph West

Edward George Weston - Edward George Weston

Frederick Herbert Weston - Frederick Herbert Weston

Harry Wheat - Harry Wheat

Cecil Whitby - Cecil Charles Frederick Whitby

William Henry Whitby - William Henry Whitby

Walter White - Walter White

Arthur White - Arthur White

Thomas White - Thomas White

Percy Whitehouse - Percy Whitehouse

John Charles Whitehouse - John Charles Whitehouse

William Wilcox - William Wilcox

Harry Wilkins - Harry Wilkins

Louis Wilkins - Louis Wilkins

Arthur Williams - Arthur Williams

Fred Williams - Frederick Williams

George Williams - George Williams

Harry Willis - Harry Willis

Herbert Willis - Herbert Willis

Harry Wilson - Harry Wilson

Arthur Ernest Wilson - Albert Ernest Wilson

Herbert Wilson - Herbert Wilson

Edwin Wilson - Edwin Harry John Wilson

Thomas Wilson - Thomas Wilson

Claude Wilson - Claude Wilson

Enoch Winfield - Enoch Winfield

Herbert Winter - Herbert Winter

Tom Wise - Tom Wise

Edwin Wood - Edwin Wood

Harry Wood - Harry Wood

Herbert E Wooll - Herbert Ernest Wooll

Thomas Woolley - Thomas Woolley

Claude Woolley - Claude Woolley

Albert Woolley - Albert Woolley

Arthur Woolley - Arthur Woolley

Albert Ernest Wootton - Albert Ernest Wootton

Henry Wootton - Henry Wootton

William Henry Wootton - William Henry Wootton

Richard Wootton - Richard Wootton

George Wragg - George Wragg

Fred Wragg - Fred Wragg

Ernest A Wright - Ernest Alfred Wright

William John Wrighton - William John Wrighton

Cyril Wroughton - Cyril Wroughton

Herbert Wroughton - Herbert Wroughton

Gordon Valentine Wykes - Gordon Valentine Wykes

Lawrence William Wykes - Lawrence William Wykes

Horace Arthur Wykes - Horace Arthur Wykes

Joseph Young - Joseph Young

  • St Ann with Emmanuel was opened in 1974. It replaced two previous churches of St Ann, Nottingham (by R. C. Clarke, demolished 1971) and Emmanuel, Woodborough Road (by Watson Fothergill demolished 1972).
    Photo David Nunn - St Ann with Emmanuel was opened in 1974. It replaced two previous churches of St Ann, Nottingham (by R. C. Clarke, demolished 1971) and Emmanuel, Woodborough Road (by Watson Fothergill demolished 1972).
  • On Saturday 18th June 1921 the Nottingham Evening Post  carried the following notice: ‘St Ann’s tomorrow. Dedication of Parish War Memorial, 6.30, Rev HT Hayman’. Two days later the Post reported  ‘True to their honour. St Ann’s Memorial. The church of St Ann’s, Nottingham, was filled to its utmost capacity last evening, when a crowded congregation gathered to acknowledge the debt due to the 300 men of the parish who gave their lives in the defence of their country during the war, and to take part in the ceremony of unveiling a handsome memorial of oak panelling which has been erected round the chancel.  The unveiling was performed by the Mayor (Ald. H Bowles), who was accompanied by the Town Clerk (Mr WJ Board), the latter reading the lessons. Others taking part in a most impressive service were the Rev HT Hayman and the Rev. MJG King (vicar).’
 Both items courtesy of (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk)
    St Ann’s Church, St Ann’s Well Road Nottingham. Photo courtesy of Southwell & Nottingham Church History Project - University of Nottingham. - On Saturday 18th June 1921 the Nottingham Evening Post carried the following notice: ‘St Ann’s tomorrow. Dedication of Parish War Memorial, 6.30, Rev HT Hayman’. Two days later the Post reported ‘True to their honour. St Ann’s Memorial. The church of St Ann’s, Nottingham, was filled to its utmost capacity last evening, when a crowded congregation gathered to acknowledge the debt due to the 300 men of the parish who gave their lives in the defence of their country during the war, and to take part in the ceremony of unveiling a handsome memorial of oak panelling which has been erected round the chancel. The unveiling was performed by the Mayor (Ald. H Bowles), who was accompanied by the Town Clerk (Mr WJ Board), the latter reading the lessons. Others taking part in a most impressive service were the Rev HT Hayman and the Rev. MJG King (vicar).’ Both items courtesy of (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk)