New recycling centre scheme will save £200,000

15 Mar 2016 - 15:51

A new scheme aimed at reducing the amount of waste at Nottinghamshire's recycling centres will help save the County Council £200,000 a year in waste disposal costs.

Under the scheme, Nottinghamshire residents, who wish to use one of the Council’s 12 recycling centres will first have to complete a free one-off registration to continue using the sites as they do now.

The simple registration process can be completed online from 21 March at the County Council’s website, or by calling the customer service centre on 0300 500 80 80.

There will be no physical permit to display but vehicle checks will be undertaken on-site using hand-held devices.

The scheme was approved as part of the 2014 budget savings and will be enforced from this autumn.

The county’s recycling centres are intended for Nottinghamshire residents to use to dispose and recycle their household waste. However, a proportion of waste handled at the sites originates outside the county.

“Because of the closeness of many of our recycling centres to the borders of the county, a significant number of users to our centres come from outside Nottinghamshire,” said Coun Jim Creamer, chairman of the County Council’s environment and sustainability committee.

“In 2014/15, around 85,000 tonnes of waste was deposited at our recycling centres. Stopping out-of-county residents from using Nottinghamshire’s sites should have a significant impact on overall tonnages, and therefore associated disposal costs. An additional benefit is that it could also improve waiting times at the centres for Notts residents.”

If a vehicle is found not to be registered, the County Council will be notified and out-of-county users will be advised to use their own local authority sites.

In addition, updated acceptance criteria for certain other non-household wastes, such as bricks, rubble and plasterboard – which the Council is not legally obliged to accept -- are also being implemented in order to allow it to continue to offer an effective service, whilst mitigating against rising waste disposal costs.

Despite this, the Council has been working on a solution to ensure that small amounts of these materials can still be deposited through the recycling centre network within Nottinghamshire.

A modest charging structure and simple booking system is being introduced based on vehicles types with van’s pickups and trailers being charged, but passenger cars remaining free providing they are not towing a trailer.

This will ensure the disposal cost of the materials is covered, allowing the Council to continue offering this valuable service to residents.


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