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Planning Application Display for: F/2870

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This Application Is No Longer Open to Consultation

 NameFile TypeSize


  Planning application form PDF 10 MB
  location plan PDF 135 KB

Group: Decision Notice & Committee Reports

  Decision notice PDF 65 KB

Group: Other Plans, Drawings & Information

  Proposed workshop section plan PDF 299 KB
  Proposed fence and gate plan PDF 286 KB
  Existing admin roof plan and elevation PDF 295 KB
  Proposed admin extension plan PDF 476 KB
  Proposed admin elevations roof plan PDF 415 KB
  Existing site drainage PDF 454 KB
  Existing site plan PDF 1 MB
  Proposed site plan PDF 566 KB
  Proposed workshop plan PDF 804 KB
  Proposed workshop elevation plan PDF 564 KB

Group: Schemes Discharge of Conditions

  Condition 05 Tree protection PDF 1 MB
  Condition 08 materials PDF 867 KB
  Condition 09 - Drainage PDF 1 MB
  Condition 06 site management plan PDF 901 KB

Group: Supporting Statements

  Arboricultural report PDF 757 KB
  Planning statement PDF 1019 KB
  Contamination report PDF 969 KB

The constraints displayed are only those that fall within the application site boundary, this is not a finite list, other constraints adjacent to or within the site may have been identified by the case officer but not displayed in the list.

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No records to display.

Please note: The latest publicity notice expiry date also represents the closing date for consultation

Publicity Notices
TypeAdvert Appeared InDisplay dateExpiry date
Site Notice 02/09/201323/09/2013

Applications can be inspected during opening times at the following (only council offices will hold these documents outside the consultation period):

Nottinghamshire County Council Planning, Trent Bridge House, Fox Road, West Bridgford, NG2 6BJ
Broxtowe Borough Council Broxtowe Borough Council, Planning Department, Council Offices, Foster Avenue, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1AB
Consultees List
 NameDate SentExpiry DateResponded

Group: Initial Consultation

 Severn Trent Water Limited29/08/201319/09/2013 No
 Western Power Distribution29/08/201319/09/2013 No
 National Grid (Gas)29/08/201319/09/2013 Yes
 Police Force Architectural Liaison Officer 29/08/201319/09/2013 No
 Via (Landscape) 29/08/201319/09/2013 Yes
 Via (Reclamation)29/08/201319/09/2013 No
 NCC (Highways) Broxtowe29/08/201319/09/2013 Yes
 Via (Noise Engineer) 29/08/201319/09/2013 Yes
 Stapleford Town Council29/08/201319/09/2013 No
 Broxtowe Borough Council 29/08/201319/09/2013 Yes
 Councillor Stan Heptinstall MBE29/08/201319/09/2013 No
 Councillor Jacky Williams29/08/201319/09/2013 No
 Stapleford Town Council15/10/201305/11/2013 No
 Broxtowe Borough Council 15/10/201305/11/2013 No
 Councillor Stan Heptinstall MBE15/10/201305/11/2013 No
 Councillor Jacky Williams15/10/201305/11/2013 No
 Via (Landscape) 06/02/2014  No
 Severn Trent Water Limited06/02/2014  No
 Severn Trent Water Limited30/04/2015  No
 Via (Landscape) 30/04/2015  Yes
 Environmental Health Officer - Broxtowe30/04/2015  Yes

Listed below are all the neighbours who have been notified of the application and/or have submitted representation

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 58 items in 3 pages
6 Egerton Drive Stapleford Nottingham
8 Egerton Drive Stapleford Nottingham
10 Egerton Drive Stapleford Nottingham
12 Egerton Drive Stapleford Nottingham
14 Egerton Drive Stapleford Nottingham
16 Egerton Drive Stapleford Nottingham
18 Egerton Drive Stapleford Nottingham
20 Egerton Drive Stapleford Nottingham
22 Egerton Drive Stapleford Nottingham
24 Egerton Drive Stapleford Nottingham
2 Egerton Drive Stapleford Nottingham
37 Hartwood Drive Sapleford Nottingham
39 Hartwood Drive Sapleford Nottingham
41 Hartwood Drive Sapleford Nottingham
48 Hartwood Drive Sapleford Nottingham
4 Egerton Drive Stapleford Nottingham
16 Moorbridge Lane Stapleford Nottingham
18 Moorbridge Lane Stapleford Nottingham
20 Moorbridge Lane Stapleford Nottingham
22 Moorbridge Lane Stapleford Nottingham
Associated Documents
NameFile TypeSize
Decision notice PDF 65 KB