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Do you have a smartphone?

We’ve developed a new app to help visitors explore some of Rufford’s hidden history as they walk around the modern day country park.

You’ll need to download the app in an area with a data connection or Wi-Fi, then head to the park to try it out. Even though mobile reception isn’t great in the park, GPS should ensure that as you move around, trigger points will send information to your phone about the history of the park feature you’re approaching. There’s also a Tree Trail to try out later in the summer.

It’s easy to download from:

Help us test the app and claim a free coffee at Rufford Abbey Country Park!

We're looking for iPhone and Android users to try out the app and provide feedback so that we can iron out any glitches.

Try out the history section of the app, complete the short survey telling us about your experience, and as a thank you we’ll send the first 30 to reply a voucher for a free coffee in our Coach House Café.

Complete the survey with your feedback now.

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