Help to give a child a better life by fostering in 2018

15 January 2018

Broxtowe couple Emma and Jonathan would be the first to admit that their lives have been fulfilling and fortunate.

They have four children together – three girls and a boy –, a happy home life and a great support network of both family and friends.

In recent years they’ve reflected on how they could make a difference and change a child’s life for the better.

“We’ve spoken about fostering a number of times over the years and we both agreed that it would be amazing to help children develop and to give them opportunities that they might not have previously had,” said Jonathan, 46, a self-employed accountant.

“We also agreed that there’s never a perfect moment to get involved with the fostering process and after discussing it with our own children we enquired in February and were approved in September 2017.”

Jonathan and Emma found the initial stages of the fostering assessment very heartrending but were in no doubt it was the right thing to do for them as a family.

“The whole process makes you appreciate what you’ve got and how fortunate you are,” said Emma, 45, an admin assistant at a school.

“We were happy to have one or two children on short or long term placements and we made it clear that we wanted to be committed to fostering for as long as we were able to do it.”

Once approved, Jonathan and Emma provided support care to sibling boys aged 4 and 2 years old.

“The boys came to stay for a support placement and we felt that we had helped in our own small way to get the boys into a happy, family home life,” said Jonathan.

The couple were quick to point out that they are under no illusion that it will not all be plain sailing.

Emma added: “We’re aware of the challenges that we may face but we have met some wonderful foster carers during our training and they have given us a great insight into fostering as well as some sound advice.

“Since we started the process in February, we have found the whole experience very therapeutic and in many ways it has brought us closer as a couple and as a family.

“I would urge anyone who has thought about fostering to get involved and do some research into it. The overwhelming feeling of doing something worthwhile and helping children live a better life is affirming and we are so glad that we made the decision to do it.

“We have absolutely no regrets and are looking forward to 2018 being an even more rewarding experience.”

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