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A-Z of how to recycle or dispose of your household waste

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There are a whole host of items that can be recycled or disposed of at our Recycling centres. In many cases small amounts can be recycled by the collections from your home or at local recycling banks.

There are also some items that cannot be taken to the recycling centres, but needs specialist disposal, such as asbestos.

ItemAccepted at recycling centre?Look forFurther details
Medical wasteNo  See clinical waste.
MedicinesSee details. Any unused medicines should be returned to your local chemist or pharmacy. Do not pass them on to other people. Empty glass medicine bottles can be...
MetalsYes Scrap metal recycling Please note: a permit system is in operation for household waste taken to Recycling Centres in a van, pick-up, car-towed trailer or sign written...
Milk bottlesYesPlastic bottlesYou can also put empty rinsed out plastic milk bottles in your recycling wheeled bin. Glass milk bottles should be returned to your milk delivery...
Mobile PhonesYesElectrical recycling You can also donate unwanted mobile phones to charity. Some district councils have recycling banks for small electrical appliances....
MonitorsYesElectrical recyclingThere is a separate container for monitors and TVs at the Recycling Centres.
NappiesNo Disposable nappies should be bagged before being placed in your waste wheeled bin at home.
NeedlesNo See Syringes.
NewspapersYesMixed paper and card recyclingYou cannot take newspapers from businesses to a Recycling Centre as they are for household waste only. Household newspapers can be put in your...
Oil - central heatingYes, with restrictionsUsed engine oil recyclingThis service is for householders who have drained their own central heating oil tank.Once you have poured your central heating oil into the container...

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