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Accepted at recycling centre?
Garden waste recycling
Further details

This only applies to trees that you have pruned or felled yourself on your own property. If a tree surgeon or gardener has carried out this work on your behalf, it is their responsibility to dispose of this waste, for which they will include a charge as part of the work. You should also make sure that the tradesperson holds a valid Waste Carrier's Licence and provides details of where the waste will be taken to for disposal.

Some district councils offer a garden waste collection for which they may make a charge.

Please do not put diseased tree branches or leaves into any compost bin, garden waste wheeled bin or garden waste skip as this cause environmental problems. These should be bagged and placed into your waste wheeled bin.

Please note: a permit system is in operation for household waste taken to Recycling Centres in a van, pick-up, car-towed trailer or sign written vehicle. However, you will not be allowed to dispose of waste that is connected to your sign written vehicle even if it is your own household waste e.g. tree branches from a vehicle advertising tree surgeon/gardening services.

If you are hiring a van to transport your own household waste, temporary access can be arranged by calling the Customer Service Centre at least 48 hours before your planned visit.

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