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Household Waste Collection and Disposal

Bin Collections

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Questions about bin collections can be answered by your local council:

Kerbside Collection Guide

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We have worked in partnership with the district/borough councils and Veolia to create a guide to kerbside recycling in Nottinghamshire with handy information including:

  • what plastics are accepted

  • what paper and cardboard is accepted

  • what cans are accepted

  • where your recycling goes once it's been collected

  • contact details for district councils if you require more information.

Please note, glass is not currently accepted in your recycling bins. Your local borough/district council will provide other facilities for recycling glass.

Bin Smart

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Download the Bin Smart leaflet [PDF]

for more information 

Are you plastic smart? [PDF]

Household Waste

Collecting rubbish and recycling bins from your house is the responsibility of your local district or borough council. The links on the left of the page will take you to their websites for more information.

If you are unsure of what you can put in your recycling bins you can find out in our guide to kerbside recycling [PDF].

The County Council provide the recycling centres around the County and are responsible for the disposal of the collected waste.

What happens to my recyclables?

Nottinghamshire residents are keen recyclers of their household waste by either placing it into their wheeled bins or by taking it to their local recycling centre or bring site. Many residents are interested in what happens to their recyclables and sometimes express concern when they discover that it may be transported outside of the UK for reprocessing. 

In Nottinghamshire, all of the kerbside recyclables collected by the seven district councils (paper, card, cans and plastic bottles) are sorted at the Mansfield Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), which is operated by Veolia as part of the Nottinghamshire Waste PFI Contract.

Veolia Nottinghamshire has provided the following statement regarding their outlets for the sorted materials: 

"Veolia fully support the UK recycling market and continue to be major suppliers to UK reprocessors. However, at this time, the UK market does not have enough capacity to handle all of the recyclable material being produced and the export market is therefore of critical importance to the UK recycling industry.

Typically, cans and plastics from the Mansfield MRF are reprocessed in the UK, although paper is often exported. There is recognition that these materials are traded on a global market and Veolia is well placed to manage this process within the legal framework, be it trading in the UK or abroad".

Healthcare Waste

Healthcare waste refers to any waste produced by, and as a consequence of, healthcare activities. It is very important that this type of waste is assessed by a medical professional in order to make sure it is disposed of appropriately. For more information view the Healthcare Waste page and frequently asked questions.

Business or Trade Waste

Commercial waste is not accepted at any of our recycling centres. Our commercial waste page gives more information on your duty of care and how you can dispose of your business waste.

Permits and Licences

You are responsible for ensuring that any contractor that you use has the appropriate permits and licences.

If a tradesperson creates waste when carrying out work at your home it is their legal responsibility to arrange for it to be removed and disposed of. It is also your legal responsibility to ensure that they have the appropriate permits and licences. 

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