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Special licences (Death-bed marriage)

If a person is terminally ill and cannot attend somewhere legally registered for marriages or civil partnerships we can carry out a ceremony under a special licence.

How do I apply?

No residential qualification is necessary for either party, but a notice of marriage or civil partnership must be given by one of the parties to the Superintendent Registrar of the district where the terminally ill person is cared for. Medical evidence of the sick person’s condition and their capacity to understand the nature and purpose of the ceremony will be required.

Both parties must be legally free to marry or sign the civil partnership register, and normal evidence in respect of name, age, and marital/civil partnered status will be required.

For more information contact us.

How long does it take?

There is no waiting period for the grant of the Registrar General’s Licence and once it is granted the marriage or civil partnership can take place at any time, either day or night, but within one month of the granting of the licence.

In emergency situations

If someone’s health deteriorates suddenly and the Customer Service Centre is closed use our emergency registration telephone number.


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