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Childcare voucher scheme

About the voucher scheme

The Council has appointed a company called Computershare Voucher Services to administer childcare vouchers to employees using a salary sacrifice scheme.  Through this scheme, working parents can opt to exchange part of their salary for childcare vouchers.

Exempt from tax and National Insurance contributions, childcare vouchers are used to pay for any form of registered or approved childcare, including nurseries, nannies and pre and after school clubs.

Under the scheme, parents employed by the Council are able to save up to £1196 per year on their childcare, (subject to individual circumstances), by requesting up to £243 per month in vouchers.


Contact details  

For further information on whether you can benefit by using this scheme, contact Computershare Voucher Services on tel: 0845 002 1111 or log on to website: www.computersharevoucherservices.com.

Nottinghamshire County Council's Reference Number is: 0000218472

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