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Licences and registrations

Further information

For further information contact:
Tel: 01623 452005
Email: tslicensing.cc@nottscc.gov.uk


Most premises where explosives such as fireworks, black powder, safety cartridges or detonators (including vehicle airbag detonators) are kept, are required by law to have a current explosives registration. This includes retailers that are selling fireworks for a limited period of time.

Read more information about storing explosives including an Explosives Register application form.

Selling fireworks all year round

Premises from which fireworks are supplied may require a fireworks licence in addition to having a current explosives registration.

This includes retailers who wish to sell fireworks all year round.

Read more information about supplying fireworks including a Fireworks Licence application form.

Petroleum spirit

Any person who stores or wishes to store petroleum spirit in storage tanks (including bowsers) must, by law, have a licence.

Read more information about storing petroleum spirit including Petroleum Spirit Storage licence application form.


Nottinghamshire County Council no longer longer issues Poisons Licences to retailers of regulated substances as members of the public wanting to acquire or import certain chemicals will have to apply for an Explosives Precursors and Poisons [EPP] Licence which are issued by the Home Office.

For more information please visit the Home Office website.

Feed Hygiene

Businesses carrying out any operation of production, manufacture, processing, storage, transport or distribution of animal feed are required to be approved or registered.
This includes a producer producing, processing or storing feed for feeding to animals on their own holding.

Read more information about feed registration / approval including an application form.

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