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Condition of Nottinghamshire

Further information

If you have any comments or queries about this publication or would prefer a hard copy, contact:

Alistair McGrady - tel: 0115 977 3932 or email: alistair.mcgrady@nottscc.gov.uk

Les Kightley - tel: 0115 977 4328 or email: les.kightley@nottscc.gov.uk

Condition of Nottinghamshire 2009 has been produced as an evidence base for the forthcoming Nottinghamshire Sustainable Community Strategy. Its structure follows the six themes within the Strategy and the information and statistics help set the context for them.

This publication presents information both in tables and graphically at various geographical levels and where possible at ward level. The number of indicators for which statistics are given has more than doubled from 48 in the previous edition to 97 this time.

Much of the data presented is sourced from the Research and Information Team in Nottinghamshire County Council but other data sets have been supplied by colleagues in other County Council departments. Recognising the extensive partnership working which exists across the county, more partners than ever have also provided data sets for this document. These partners include Borough and District Councils, NHS Nottinghamshire, the East Midlands Public Health Observatory, Nottinghamshire Police, the Environment Agency, the Teenage Pregnancy Unit and Sport England. The assistance of all these organisations is gratefully acknowledged.

This publication can be viewed on this website alongside other more regular statistical reports including population estimates and employment bulletins.

Contents and introduction [PDF 1.2MB]
Section A [PDF 3.5MB]
Section B tables [PDF 0.7MB]
Section B maps B1 to B6 [PDF 4.8MB]
Section B maps B7 to B12 [PDF 4.8MB]
Section B maps B13 to B19 [PDF 5.6MB]
Section C tables [PDF 0.7MB]
Section C maps C1 to C6 [PDF 4.8MB]
Section D tables [PDF 0.7MB]
Section D maps D1 to D6 [PDF 4.8MB]
Section D maps D7 to D12 [PDF 4.8MB]
Section E tables [PDF 0.7MB]
Section E maps E1 to E6 [PDF 4.8MB]
Section E maps E7 to E11 [PDF 4.0MB]
Section F tables [PDF 0.7MB]
Section F maps F1 to F8 [PDF 6.4MB]
Section G tables [PDF 0.7MB]
Section G maps G1 to G7 [PDF 5.7MB]
Section H [PDF 0.6MB]
Section I [PDF 1.9MB]
Map overlays [PDF 0.4MB]

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