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Census 2001


View 2001 Census reports, bulletins and key statistics.

What information is available and how it is arranged [PDF 248KB]

Further information

If you want to know more about the Census in Nottinghamshire contact:

Maria Moroz
tel: 0115 977 4541
email: maria.moroz@nottscc.gov.uk

The Census is a count of all people and households in the UK and is normally taken every ten years. It provides essential statistical information, enabling the planning and monitoring of public services including schools, health services, roads and libraries. Results are also available for research and education purposes.

Information is available from the UK level down to county, district and unitary area level and below. In Nottinghamshire we have information for the County, Nottingham City, and each of the seven districts, for Wards, Parishes and other areas of interest.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) published Census results over a period of about a year from September 2002.

Census data

Key Statistics are available for counties, districts and unitary authorities, wards and output areas (the lowest level of geography - see Census Geography). A report on the key statistics and the tables themselves for Nottinghamshire are available in Census results.

Key statistics are about 500 counts in 28 tables, arranged in the form of a row for each area.

Standard tables are also available for district level and above, on a CD-ROM. Information is available on the National Statistics website (see Links and contacts).

How do I get Census information?

For the 2001 Census the internet is the main, and best, way of getting results. The Census Office, as well as county and district councils and others, have web sites set up to provide Census data. More data are also available on CD and DVD and written reports are available, both from ONS. Details are on the ONS website: www.ons.gov.uk.

Information is available on this site to suit most users. The Census results section of these pages gives access to the reports and the most useful information for the County, districts, wards and other areas.

Printed bulletins, profiles and reports will be available, through Nottinghamshire Libraries and by post from the Research team at the County Council.

What is the County Council doing?

The County Council is working with the City and district councils, as well as other partners in order that everyone can make best use of this valuable data source.

This means two things:

  • Preparing Census data specifically for local users, and making it available via the County Council web site and through County Libraries
  • Reporting and analysing the data in bulletins, once the relevant data has been received from ONS.

You can also contact us if you have a specific interest.

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