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School meals

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School meals being served

Common queries

Source of meat

All the meat used in Nottinghamshire County Council school meals is provided fresh from a local butcher, Mike Maloney. You can view this information in more detail on our menu leaflets.

Following media stories about horsemeat contamination we can confirm that no horsemeat has been found in school meals provided by Nottinghamshire County Council.

We do buy some products from Brake Brothers - who have recalled a single batch of lasagne as a precautionary measure. However this lasagne product is not purchased by the County Council.

Only a small proportion of meat purchased by the Council is from Brakes Brothers and all school meals are prepared from scratch using fresh ingredients. 

We are continuing to monitor this situation carefully.

Vegetarian options

We cater for vegetarians in every school.

In schools where there is a choice menu, there is a daily choice of a meat dish or a vegetarian dish. These options can be seen on our menu leaflets that your child will have brought home. If you have not seen a copy of the menu, they can be viewed and downloaded from the current menu section of this site.

If your child's school operates on a traditional single choice menu or family service, you will need to contact the school administration or Head Teacher. Once they have your child’s name and let the kitchen know, a daily vegetarian meal can be prepared.

Special Diets and Allergies

We aim to ensure all pupils have access to healthy school dinners regardless of any special requirements.

If your child’s diet does not suit our menus due to any food allergies or intolerances, religious or ethical beliefs please let us know so we can make alternative arrangements.

Please complete this EC46 Pupil Dietary/Food Allergy Request Form [PDF] and return to the school office.

Please note: that any allergies and intolerances must be accompanied and supported by medical documentation from the child’s GP or other medical professional.

Jacket potato and filling

Portions and 'seconds'

Some children may want bigger portions or 'seconds'. While we are delighted that they have healthy appetite, the portions served in our schools are measured to ensure that they are equal and that they meet the recommended daily allowances.

Our menus fully comply with food standards on nutrition and portion size. They contain at least two portions of fruit and vegetables per meal and every meal is served with vegetables and/or salad as standard.

Part of the new food standards state that free bread should be made available at lunchtime to ensure children are not left hungry after their dinner. We fully comply with these regulations by making sure a basket of bread is available for children to help themselves from at dinner time. You can visit the School Food Trust website which outlines these standards.


Since September 2006 the School Food Trust insisted that bread was available as an extra to the meal every day.

We have made sure that as an Authority, we fully comply with this legislation and we therefore have a basket of bread available for children to help themselves from at lunchtime. The bread is not intended to form part of the overall meal, it is merely an extra dimension to make sure that children feel full after their lunch.

You can find a copy of the Government standards on the School Food Trust website.

Free school meals

From September 2014 all children in reception, year 1 and year 2 at state-funded schools in England will be eligible for free school meals, as part of the national Universal Free Infant School Meals scheme.

To ensure your child enjoys a free school lunch in September, please complete the form you should already have been given and return it to your child’s school office by 1 July 2014. Alternatively you can download and print off a copy of the form [PDF].

If you think your child is entitled to Free School Meals under the current criteria, for example if you are in receipt of certain benefits, it is important that you still register when your child starts infant school, as you will not have to then re-register each year. This releases additional funding to support your child’s education, called the "Pupil Premium".

Free school milk

Milk is free for all pupils up to the age of five and at a reduced rate for all 5-7 year olds in nursery and infant schools. It is also subsidised for all pupils in special schools.

If you receive a qualifying benefit you can get free school milk for your child.

For information on how to get free school milk, please visit the free school meals page.

School meals bbq bangers and beans in pitta

Differences from menu

On some occasions we have to make alternative emergency provision to replace items on the menu. At the menu planning stage it is never our intention to do this, but unfortunately unexpected problems arise meaning we cannot always offer what is stated on the menu. In these cases our catering teams will ensure they still provide your child with a healthy alternative that meets all our requirements and standards.

Electronic copy of menu

All menus can be viewed and downloaded from the current menu section of this website. Alternatively parents can contact Nottinghamshire school dinners to request a copy by e-mail: enquiries@nottscc.gov.uk


The cost for a two course meal in primary schools is £2.00. From 22 April 2014 the cost will be £2.10.

Secondary schools operate a cash cafeteria system with items starting at 50p.


You can pay for your child's school dinners by cash or cheque directly to the school. Please check with your school if meals need to be paid for daily or weekly.

Some of our schools are now operating a cashless system, meaning you can pay online for your child's school dinners.


If you have a query relating to school meals and can't find the answers on this website, please feel free to contact us by:

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