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Nottinghamshire Schools Forum

The Government requires that each local authority maintain a Schools Forum to represent its school’s views on matters relating to the total Schools’ Budget. There are national regulations which govern the composition, constitution and procedures of Schools Forums. Although they operate in a mainly consultative and advisory role, Schools Forums also have some decision making powers in relation to the balance between the delegated and centrally retained funds within the Schools’ Budget.

The Government have announced plans to reform the system for school revenue funding from April 2013, and improved Schools Forum arrangements are being put into place to support the decision making process in regard to the implementation of the  funding reforms. The legislation relating to Schools Forums has been reviewed in light of this, and the new regulations came into force on 1 October 2012. 

As part of the improved arrangements, the membership of the Schools Forum must be broadly proportionate to the pupil population in the maintained and academy sectors as at September 2012. Following elections held in September 2012, the membership of the Schools Forum has now been updated to reflect this requirement.

School & Academy membership

Maintained primary schools

  • Ashfield: Louise Regan, Hillocks Primary School
  • Bassetlaw: Adrienne Allcock, Walkeringham Primary School
  • Broxtowe: Sally Bates, Wadsworth Fields Primary School - CHAIR
  • Gedling: Julian Wilson, Haddon Primary School
  • Mansfield: Helen Atkins, Leas Park Junior School
  • Newark: Helen Richardson, John Blow Primary
  • Rushcliffe: Ly Toom, Willow Brook Primary School

Maintained secondary schools

  • Christopher James, Garibaldi School


  • Dick Vasey, Ashfield School
  • Dave Cotton, Tuxford Academy
  • Craig Weaver, Carlton-le-Willows Academy
  • Donna Trusler, Manor Academy
  • James McGeachie, The Becket School

Special schools

  • Kathy MacIntyre, Derrymount School
  • Ron McCrossen, Bracken Hill School

Pupil Referral Unit 

  • Rob Lancaster, Head of PRU


Maintained Primary

  • Valerie Holland, Westdale Infant School
  • Vacancy

Maintained secondary

  • Tony Colton, Minster


  • Cllr Mike Quigley, Retford Oaks Academy

Non-school membership

Private, voluntary & independent nursery providers

  • Karen O’Connell, Chair – Early Years Consultation Group 
  • Chris Walton, Member – Early Years Consultation Group

Diocesan representatives

  • Church of England Diocese: Claire Meese, Diocesan Director of Education 
  • Roman Catholic Diocese: Carlo Cuomo, Headteacher, Christ the King - VICE CHAIR

14-19 Partnership representative

  • Vacant

Trade union representatives

  • Teacher trade unions: Joe Jeffries, NASUWT
  • Non-teaching trade unions: Hazel Allister, UNISON


2015-16 School Funding Consultation

Fairer Schools Funding

School Funding Reforms 


The Schools Forum holds a minimum of four ordinary meetings a year. In addition to this, where there is a genuine business need for a decision or formal view to be expressed by the Forum,  extraordinary meetings may also be called.

The details of forthcoming Schools Forum meetings are listed below. Meetings of the Schools Forum are open to members of the public.  To ensure that adequate administrative arrangements are made for the meetings, it would be helpful if you could notify the Clerk to the Schools Forum in advance of the meeting concerned if you are planning to attend.

Future Meeting Dates

 Date  Time  Venue
 15 September 2015  2.00 pm – 4.00 pm  National Watersports Centre NG12 2LU

TitleDateTimeVenueType of meeting
Schools Forum Meeting04/06/20152.00pmNational Watersports Centre, NG12 2LUOrdinary
Schools Forum Meeting05/02/20152.00pmRufford Mill, NG22 9DGOrdinary
Schools Forum Meeting01/12/201410.00amRufford Mill, NG22 9DGOrdinary
Schools Forum Meeting23/10/20149.30amNational Watersports Centre, NG12 2LUExtraordinary
Schools Forum Meeting15/09/201410amRufford Mill, NG22 9DGOrdinary
Schools Forum Meeting13/06/201410amNational Watersports Centre, NG12 2LUOrdinary
Schools Forum Meeting06/02/201410amRufford Mill, NG22 9DGOrdinary
Schools Forum Meeting02/12/20132pmNational Watersports Centre, NG12 2LUOrdinary
Schools Forum Meeting29/10/20132pm to 4pmNational Watersports Centre, NG12 2LUExtraordinary
Schools Forum Meeting13/09/201310amNational Watersports Centre, NG12 2LU Ordinary
Schools Forum Meeting20/06/201310amNational Watersports Centre, NG12 2LUOrdinary
Schools Forum Meeting06/02/20132pmRufford Mill, NG22 9DGOrdinary
Schools Forum Meeting28/11/20122pmNottingham Racecourse, NG2 4BEOrdinary
Schools Forum Meeting30/10/20122pmNational Watersports Centre NG12 2LUExtraordinary
Schools Forum Meeting16/10/20122pmNational Watersports Centre, NG12 2LUExtraordinary
Schools Forum Meeting10/10/201210amNational Watersports Centre, NG12 2LUExtraordinary
Schools Forum Meeting06/09/201210amNational Water Sports Centre, NG12 2LUExtraordinary
Schools Forum Meeting27/06/201210amNational Water Sports CentreOrdinary
Schools Forum Meeting26/04/201210amNational Water Sports CentreExtraordinary
Schools Forum Meeting08/02/20122pmEdwinstowe House, EdwinstoweOrdinary

Contact details

Clerk, Nottinghamshire Schools Forum: Toni Gardner

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