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Stopping Bullying in Schools

What is bullying?

Bullying is any behaviour that is intended to hurt or frighten another person or group of people. It usually takes place over a period of time. It may involve hitting, taking belongings, name calling or making offensive remarks. Sometimes bullying is less direct, for example, spreading nasty stories about someone, being excluded from friendship groups, sending malicious emails or text messages.

Some bullying is targeted at people because of their differences, the way they look, their religion, race, family background, or sexual orientation. Other differences may include a person's taste in music or sport, their hairstyle or what they wear. Whatever the reason for bullying, it needs to be taken seriously and responded to quickly.

Help and advice

If you are being bullied or you are a pupil who bullies and wants to stop, you can talk with a parent, teacher or counsellor. You will also find support from agencies like Childline and Kidscape.

Anti-bullying book

Our anti-bullying book is now available to download.

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