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Library members can access a range of free digital magazines. You can do this from both library and home computers.

There are 100 titles to choose from. You can use your smartphone, tablet or PC to read a magazine wherever you are for free.

Top titles include

  • Amateur Photographer
  • Hello! Magazine
  • Woman's Own
  • BBC Good Food 
  • Android 
  • Auto Express
  • New Scientist

Using the system

Once you have created an account (see below for instructions on how to do this) you can logon to access emagazines.

Creating an account

1. You will need to be a library member.

You can join the library online.

2. Navigate to the emagazines page.

3. In the log in box, click on the blue "Create Account" button.

Zinio log in

4. Add your library number. (D followed by eight digits.) You can find this on the back of your library card. Once you have done this, click the green "Validate" button.

Zinio library card number

5. Add the required information:

  • your e-mail address
  • A password (you will need to add this twice to confirm it's correct)
  • Your name

Once you've done this, click the green "Create Account" button.

Zinio create account box

6. You should see a success message. You will now need to check your e-mail account. Note: some users are not receiving these e-mails. We are investigating this problem.

Zinio success

7. Browse the selection of magazines and select one you are interested in.

EMagazine selection
EMagazine selection

8. You should be able to view your chosen magazine using your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome), but you can also download the Zinio app to use on your PC, Mac, smartphone or Tablet.

System requirements

Windows XP & higher:

  • Flash 10.1 or higher 
  • Preferred browser: Internet Explorer 8 & higher
  • Alternative browsers: Firefox 3.6 & higher, Google Chrome
  • Screen resolution: 1024x768 or higher

Mac OS 10.5 & higher:

  • Flash 10.1 or higher 
  • Preferred browser: Safari 5 & higher, Firefox 3.6 & higher
  • Alternative browsers: Google Chrome
  • Screen resolution: 1024x768 or higher
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