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Computers in Libraries

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You can book sessions on library PCs online

You will need both

  • library card number (capital D, then first 8 numbers without spaces e.g. D12345678)
  • PIN code
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What's Available

We have computers which can be booked by members of the public in all Nottinghamshire public libraries.

In larger libraries there may be separate computers for children under 14 and adults

From library computers you can access the internet including web based e-mail such as Yahoo and Outlook. Computers also have word processing and desktop publishing software installed.

The Council has subscriptions to a number of online reference resources which can be accessed by people using computers in libraries. These include ancestry and archive services.

WiFi is available in selected libraries.


  • All PCs have screen magnification software
  • Other adaptive hardware is available. Please ask a member of staff.
  • Some libraries have height adjusted desks.


Most PCs are bookable up to three weeks in advance. In larger libraries we also have 30 minute drop-in machines.

When you book, you can select the library, the date, the time and the length of your session. You will need your library card number and your PIN code.

Sessions can be booked:

  • Online - Enter library card number with no spaces, first eight numbers only. Enter PIN code. Go to Reservations button and select the library you need. If there is an arrow to the right of the library name select Adult or Junior PC.
    Follow on-screen instructions.
  • from a library computer
  • On a self-service kiosk in one of the following libraries
  • via the Customer service centre tel: 0300 500 80 80
  • in person by asking a member of staff.

If you do not have a PIN, or have forgotten yours, please contact systems.library@nottscc.gov.uk.


You can book sessions of 30 or 60 minutes depending on availability.

Each day you can use a PC for up to two hours. Maximum three sessions a day.

At our largest libraries you can use three hours in a day. Ask staff for details.

Using Your Own Laptop

You should be able to bring your own laptop and power it in the library. Please ask a member of staff for a circuit breaker before plugging in.

Unfortunately laptops can not be plugged into the internet via a data cable but we do have WiFi at several of our libraries.


WiFi is available in some of our larger libraries:

You will need a library card to access this service. Unfortunately we do not have WiFi printing capability.

Saving and Downloading Information

You can save your information to a CD (CD-R or CD-RW) or to a USB flash drive. Some of our PCs still have floppy disc drives but these are being phased out.

N.B. Anything saved on the computers is wiped between sessions for your security.

Memory Sticks For Sale

USB Memory sticks (1GB) are available at £5.00 each


All libraries have their PCs linked to at least one colour printer. Printers are set up to automatically print in black and white and double sided. But you can choose other options.

Unfortunately it is not possible to print over WiFi. 


Scanners are available at the libraries below. Please ask when booking as scanners may need to be used on specific machines.

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