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Nottinghamshire Archives is currently temporarily closed to the public.

Our enquiry service is still available to answer your questions and copies of many documents can be made.

Our research service can also carry out searches in the archives and provide information for you.

The Archives will reopen on 28 April 2015. Our Reopening Event will be held on 2 May.

Manorial records: finding aids

Nottinghamshire Archives holds a large number of manorial records. These records were created by manors throughout the county and date between the 1200s and the 19th century.

Map of the Manor of Eakring

They are invaluable for studying landholding, local history, local landscapes, social and economic history and family history.

Type of records available

These records include:

  • Court rolls: records of the manor courts, these include information about land and who held it
  • Court records such as estreats (lists of fines), presentments, pains or bye-laws setting out agricultural practices and copy court rolls.
  • Accounts: providing information on income, expenditure, agricultural yields and livestock
  • Surveys: written descriptions of manor
  • Extents: descriptions of the manor with financial values
  • Custumals: lists of the manor's tenants and their customary obligations
  • Rentals: lists of tenants with the amount of rent in cash or produce owed
  • Terriers: descriptions of fields, meadows and lands in the manor.

Manorial records are held in many different collections at Nottinghamshire held in other repositories around the country.

The Manorial Documents Register

The Manorial Documents Register records all known manorial records, describing where the records are kept. It is not a detailed database of all records, but rather a guide to their location.

It is maintained by the National Archives. The whole country is included in a manual version, and each county is being gradually converted into a computerised format.

In June 2011, Nottinghamshire was included on the computerised version of the register. It is now possible to find out which manorial records survive for Nottinghamshire and where they are held.

Visit the Manorial Documents Register at website: www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/mdr.

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