County’s top seasonal tips to recycle more this Christmas

21 December 2016

Nottinghamshire County Council has launched seasonal online tips and videos to encourage residents to recycle more this Christmas and New Year – aiming to save money and make more room in general rubbish bins over the festive period.

Each year around £20m of taxpayers’ money is spent disposing waste – some of which could have been recycled – or even reused.

Waste manager at Nottinghamshire County Council Rachel Peck said,

“In the run up to and during Christmas, we tend to buy and use a lot more products compared to other times of the year – whether it’s decorating the house, having to de-ice the car or buying extra products to help us get glammed-up for a good Christmas night out!  

“The good news is, many of these items can be recycled, which is why ‘what to do with Christmas waste’ hints, tips and short videos are now available on our county's website.

“All sorts of aerosol cans can be recycled including fake snow, de-icer, squirty cream, air freshener, deodorant, silly string, hairspray, furniture polish and dry shampoo.

“Just make sure your aerosol can is empty and that you remove the lid.”

School children from Forest View Junior School in New Ollerton backed this message after taking part in the County’s Schools Waste Action Club programme, which encourages pupils to learn more about what can be recycled. 

Jacob Ball, 10 from New Ollerton said:

“If you have empty aerosols like deodorant which I buy as a Christmas present, or things like spray snow, you should take off the lids first and put them in the recycling bin. The lid goes in the general waste bin”

Fellow pupil Daisy March, 11:

“Recycling is important so you can make new things from old things like an aerosol can could be made into a new aerosol can or other types of cans” 

Rachel Peck added, 

“These fun, festive video clips are a great way to bring the message home over the Christmas and New Year period.”

Other ways to recycle more this Christmas include:

  • Christmas cards and envelopes without foil, glitter or a shiny coating can be placed in your recycling bin
  • Create gift tags ready for next Christmas by cutting up this year’s Christmas cards
  • Real cut Christmas trees can be recycled at one of the County’s 12 recycling centres. For every 50 tonnes of green waste we receive at our recycling centres throughout January 2017, Veolia (Nottinghamshire's waste contractors) will donate £100 to the NCC Chairman’s charity, which this year is Portland College. The specialist college is looking to raise money to buy a new mini-bus
  • Old Christmas jumpers, clothes, textiles or old toys can be taken to charity shops, which will be happy to receive them – some even have door to door bag collections of course.  Alternatively take them to your local textile bank or recycling centre.

The County has 12 recycling centres which are operated by our waste contractor, Veolia. They are open every day in December and January from 8am to 4pm except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day, when they are closed.

And don’t forget, if you haven’t already done so, it’s not too late for County residents to register to use any of our dozen recycling centres. Either go to the County Council’s website, or call our customer service centre on 0300 500 80 80.

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