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Oliver Hynd

Oliver Hynd

Disability swimming

400m freestyle (S8); 200m individual medley (SM8); 100m backstroke (S8)

Nova Centurion

Where do you do the majority of your training?
Watermeadows (Mansfield)

What did your personal training routine involve in the run-up to the all important 2012 qualification?

Training twice a day in the pool; training six days a week; s and c work three times a week; sports massage/sports physio; mental edge work

Explain more about your main sporting motivation and what drives you to success?
2012!!! To be the best I can be!

What age did you first take up the sport, and why?
I joined Sutton swimming club at the age of eight years. I enjoyed the sport and now with my progressive disability I am unable to do land sports.

Who is your sporting hero in terms of sporting inspiration?
Michael Phelps. He has taken swimming to a new level.

Who else should we watch out for in terms of competitors?
My brother...Sam Hynd!!

Who is your coach?
Glenn Smith

Who among your family and friends also gives you particular inspiration?
My mum and dad and close family. Also my GB team mates.

What sporting honours have you won in your chosen discipline?
At the 2011 IPC European Championships in Berlin I won:

  • Gold in the S8 200m individual medley in a new European record time
  • Silver in the S8 400m freestyle in a new personal best time
  • Bronze in S8 100m backstroke in a new personal best time
  • Bronze as part of the 34pt medley relay team for GB.

At the London 2012 paralympic Games:

  • Gold in the SM8 200m individual medley
  • Silver in the S8 400m freestyle 
  • Bronze in the S8 100m backstroke

What is your personal best?
400 Freestyle (l/c) 4.30.58
200 Individual medley (l/c) 2.25.75
100 Backstroke (l/c) 1.07.95

Do you have any superstitions?
I listen to music on my IPod before a race

Oliver Hynd

Oliver Hynd Shining Star
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