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Torch Relay questions and answers

Thanks for the memories

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  • The Olympic Torch came through Nottinghamshire on Thursday June 28. This page is maintained as an archive and is no longer being updated
  • You can still see tweets and photos from the day


What has been announced?

LOCOG and local authorities, including Nottinghamshire County Council, have publicised every street along which Torchbearers will be carrying the Olympic Flame and the daily start time for the Torchbearing activity. We want to be clear where Torchbearing starts and finishes in a given community, so people will know where they can see the Olympic Flame.What is not being announced are the convoy sections of the route where the torch will not be on public display and is being transported to different communities.

What happens during the relay days in the UK?
There is no set time frame for each community but it is LOCOG’s aim is to start each day around 7am with Evening Celebration events starting at around 5pm.  Nottinghamshire County Council is not hosting an evening celebration. An average of 115 Torchbearers will carry the Olympic Flame each day and the Relay will cover an average distance of 110 miles per day. The Olympic Flame will stop at many landmarks and places of interest.

How was the route developed?
The route development was a two year consultation process including every nation and region and local authority across the UK. LOCOG also worked with national bodies on tourism, heritage, sport, education, culture, sustainability and diversity and inclusion.

What was the rationale behind selecting the routes?

LOCOG says that the Torch Relay is a complex logistical challenge which requires us to balance issues of population, areas of natural beauty and landmarks, safety and security. It is impossible to go everywhere. The aim is to take the Olympic Flame to as many places as possible and to showcase as much of the UK as possible. The route has been devised after extensive consultation with representatives across the UK.

Can the route be changed?

No, not at this stage. Local transport and police planning is already taking place around the agreed route. The route has been devised after extensive consultation with representatives in each area.

How much time will the public be given to get ready to line the streets?

All the streets through which Torchbearers will carry the Flame and the start time for this activity in each community is now available in order to give the public time to plan where they would like to watch the Relay. We would advise the public to start thinking about where they might  stand and arrive at the spot approximately an hour before the Flame is expected to arrive to allow themselves time to get a good vantage point and the best experience from the Relay.

Why is the route being published now?

It allows for any traffic management plans to be published in good time and for general business continuity planning around the temporary impacts. It is also designed to encourage people to start thinking about where to line the route to see their local heroes carry the Flame. This is a once in a lifetime event and we are confident that the majority of people will be supportive and proud to celebrate some of the most inspiring people in the UK.

How do you plan to ensure no one is inconvenienced?
Any inconvenience will be kept to a minimum and we will be working with all Local Authorities to follow best practice and provide good information about any changes well in advance of the Relay. This is a once in a lifetime event and we are confident that the majority of people will be supportive and proud to celebrate some of the most inspiring people in the UK.

How can members of the public celebrate the Olympic Flame? Will they be encouraged to wave flags etc?
People are invited to celebrate the Torchbearer and the Olympic Flame in their own way. Hints and tips are available under the Local Leaders programme www.london2012.com/localleaders and some specific ideas for schools at www.london2012.com/getset . The Presenting Partners (sponsors) will offer people lining the route keepsakes and often these are items that can be worn or waved to give extra movement and colour to the crowd as the Olympic Flame is carried by.

How can school children get involved?
The Get Set network - the London 2012 education programme – is providing information to schools about how they can get involved both prior to and during the Torch Relay.

How long will the public be able to see the Flame for at each destination?
This depends on how fast the Torchbearer moves. Each Torchbearer will carry the Flame for an average of 300 metres.

What is the role of the Presenting Partners in the Relay convoy?
The Torch Relay would not be possible without the support of the Presenting Partners as they fund the whole event. They provide the entertainment around the Olympic Flame and the Torchbearer and substantial segments of the Evening Celebrations. 


How many Torchbearers have had their places confirmed?
7,600. The remaining Torchbearers (8,000 in total) will be confirmed over the coming months and a small number may not have consented to publicity.

How did you select who was going to carry the Flame?

LOCOG has worked hard to ensure people are within an hour of their nomination postcode so friends and family can support them and celebrate their role. Wherever possible LOCOG has offered a Torchbearer a place to carry the Olympic Flame within an hour’s journey time of the postcode at which they were nominated. There will be instances where people are not carrying the Flame in their home town as the Relay is not going everywhere and we are trying to offer people a place no more than an hour away. We can confirm who is carrying the Flame on which day and what community they are Torchbearing in but we cannot confirm which 300m slot they are undertaking at this stage. They will be informed of the slot closer to the time of the Relay so that they can make plans for their friends and family to cheer them on.

When will Torchbearers be advised which slot they are running in?

Torchbearers will receive this information four weeks in advance of their slot.

Which high profile Torchbearers are carrying the Flame?
We are in the process of inviting high profile Torchbearers and will be able to confirm details in due course.

What share of Torchbearer places does LOCOG have?
LOCOG has 33% of the total allocation – the largest single share. 76% of those places are being offered through public nomination campaigns. The three Presenting Partners – Samsung, Coca-Cola and Lloyds TSB - have 17% each and the remaining 16% is shared between other core stakeholders. Each of the 8,000 Torchbearers has a story of personal achievement and/or contribution to their local community.

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