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Road signs for cyclists

Cycle lanes

Photo of a cycle lane sign.
These are lanes marked on the road to highlight areas where cyclists are likely to be present in. They can be mandatory lanes (marked by a solid white line), which motorists cannot enter except in an emergency or advisory lanes (marked by a dashed white line), which motorists can go into if they need to enter a driveway, for example.

Shared route for cycles and pedestrians

Shared path sign.
Sometimes paths are created where cyclists are allowed to be present alongside pedestrians. This sign is used whenever this is the case. There are also white cycle and pedestrian logos painted on the path often. It is against the law to cycle on any path where there is no sign or marking to show that cyclists are permitted.

Segregated route for cycles and pedestrians

Segregated route for cycles and pedestrians.
This is the same as a shared route except the path is divided by a line or change in level to show which side people on bikes and those walking should use. Again, the route will be signed and marked at the start of the facility. Please ensure that you use the correct side of the path.

Route for use by cycles only

Route for use by cycles only.
Occasionally there are routes where pedestrians have their own path and there is room to provide another separate path just for cycles. This sign shows the path is for this purpose.

Quiet route suggested for cyclists

Quiet route suggested for cyclists.
Often the best routes to cycle on don't need any special facilities. Some of these roads are shown by direction signs to them, stating the places the road can lead you to. Other roads that do not have cycle direction signs on them, but are found to be useful by local cyclists can be found on our cycle maps.

No cycling

No cycling.
There are some off road paths that are too narrow to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists together. The sign on the left is used to advise people that you cannot cycle here. Sometimes people mistake this sign to mean you can actually cycle on the path and therefore it is not very often used now.


Cycling crossing signals.
Traffic signals with crossing facilities for pedestrians and cyclists are called toucan crossings. The push button unit will look like this, but often sensors in the ground on the way to the crossing detect cyclists, meaning that they do not need to push the button.

Advanced stop lines

Advanced stop lines.
The box is used to help cyclists get into the best position for when the traffic signals change to green. General traffic should not stop in the red area with a cycle logo in.
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