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School visit activities

Photo:Activity name:Age group:
Perlethorpe Activities - Animal HomesAnimal HomesFoundation - Key Stage 1
Art in the EnvironmentArt in the EnvironmentKey Stage 2
Perlethorpe Activities - Art in the EnvironmentArt in the EnvironmentKey Stage 1
Perlethorpe Activities - OrienteeringOrienteeringKey Stage 2
Bracken at SherwoodPlant AdventuresKey Stage 1 - Key Stage 2
Robin Hood shooting an arrowRobin Hood and Medieval LifeKey Stage 1 - Key Stage 2
Sensory adventures activity at SherwoodSensory AdventuresFoundation and Key Stage 1
Perlethorpe Activities - Shelter BuildingShelter BuildingKey Stage 2 - Key Stage 3
Major OakWoodland WondersKey Stage 2
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