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Nottinghamshire County Council - Proud of our past, ambitious for our future
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Benefits for the local community

A new world class visitor attraction based at Sherwood Forest could become a 'flagship' attraction for the county, attract considerable regional and national interest and have a positive effect on visitor numbers to Nottinghamshire by driving day visits and short stays in the area.

Job opportunities

A significant number of construction based staff (circa 150 individuals) will be required over the two year build programme. Staff recruitment will commence as soon as the bid is determined with promotional and administration staff being recruited within year one of the projects construction life.

At peak times around 100 people could be employed during the summer period, with additional short term staffing needed during events and major banquets. The nature of the employment on offer lends itself best to residents in the nearby area. This represents an injection into the area of a little over £1million of local wages and salaries per annum. Add to this spend for local goods and services, which will be made from within the local community wherever possible, it is expected to bring a total in excess of £2m per annum in direct local economic contribution; a significant benefit for local employees, businesses and services. Indirect benefits from the increased tourism focus on the area could exceed this considerably.

Local tourism

Discover Robin Hood hopes to attract at maturity circa 380,000 paying customers, at least half of which would be in addition to the existing 360,000 visitors to the forest. The supply and servicing of this high quality attraction will have significant economic benefit to the local area.

Discovery Attractions believe that Discover Robin Hood will form a powerful new draw to the region, encourage increased visits to the area and provide a valuable impetus to local tourism in the area.

Significant and ongoing marketing support will ensure both Nottinghamshire and Discover Robin Hood will be something that Nottinghamshire and its communities can be proud of. It will represent the fantastic historical and cultural depth of Nottinghamshire and its communities, by delivering an inspirational experience that will fully harness the things that are great about the county – its unique heritage, historical fabric and cultural prowess.

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